Buy Plastic Shredder Machines

Buy Plastic Shredder Machines

Plastic bottle granulator is also popular as plastic bottle grinder or crusher. It aims to cut whole plastic bottles into small particles. If it is PET bottles, you can throw PET bottles into the machine and then get PET flakes. So it is an important size reduction machine in whole PET bottle recycling line. A wide variety of granulators are available for granulating plastic bottles in the market. Different manufacturers may have different designs to suit different materials and sizes plastic bottles.

How does plastic bottle granulator work?

Here we briefly explain the main steps of granulator’s working. Different structure plastic bottle granulator may have some difference in details.

First, you can choose either manual material feeding or conveyor feeding to let plastic bottles enter the cutting chamber. The hopper size is customizable depending on the size of original plastic bottles.

Second, a rotor mounted with knives in different shape array is set at the core of the machine. Electric motor spins this rotor and then the high speed spinning rotor come to contact with stationary knives creating a ‘scissor cutting’ motion. So plastic bottles are cut into small pieces until they reach the determined size.

Third, finally these small plastic particles will fall through the screen which is at the bottom of the cutting chamber.

Fourth, you may select some material collection equipment to collect and pack the final small particles. If these particles are very small and also light in weight, you can choose an air extraction and collection system for easy handling.

Shredders and Shredding plastic bottle granulators

Shredders and Shredding brand plastic bottle granulators can be either mini granulator or large granulator. Plastic bottles can be PET bottles, HDPE containers as well as other kind of bottles. We have rich experience in crushing these plastic bottles. Different capacity requirements will decide which model is the best suitable. Also screen size can be adjustable per customer’s requirement. So contact Shredders and Shredding team today!

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