Industrial Cardboard Shredder for Packaging Material

Industrial Cardboard Shredder for Packaging Material

The EZIPAC industrial cardboard shredder for packaging material is an ideal way to reuse old boxes in house for packing, Shredders and Shredding manufactures these machines which are very popular all over India. We provides a wide selection of industrial shredders and crushers to satisfy your material size reduction requirements, which feature stable performance, high production efficiency and easy maintenance. We pay attention to every detail of the machine to help you improve productivity, save energy and maximize economic benefits. In addition to standard industrial shredder and crushers, customized size reduction machines can also be offered according to your material shredding requirements. A variety of screens and rotors are selectable to achieve the best processing performance.

Industrial Cardboard Shredder for Packaging Material
Industrial Cardboard Shredder for Packaging Material

What is an industrial cardboard shredder?

Waste cardboard can be cardboard rolls, paper tubes or corrugated boxes from the packaging industry, cosmetics industry, food industry, electronics industry and pharmaceutical industry. In fact, these cardboard scraps are valuable materials for waste treatment and recycling. Industrial cardboard shredders can effectively shred cardboard waste and reduce its volume to facilitate transportation and storage. It helps reduce the cost of cardboard waste disposal or improve the efficiency of cardboard recycling.

Types of industrial cardboard shredders

When you are ready to buy a cardboard shredder, there are different options on the market. The classification of industrial cardboard shredders can be varied. Depending on the size or capacity of the shredder, industrial cardboard shredders have different sizes and capacities. Small batches and large batches of cardboard waste disposal require different shredders. Therefore, you can choose small, medium and large size cardboard shredders. From different types of cutting systems, you can use single-shaft shredders, double-shaft shredders and pelletizers to reduce cardboard size. Generally, the size of single-shaft shredder is 30-50mm, and the size of double-shaft shredder is 50-200mm. You can tell us your requirements, and we will provide you with the most suitable cardboard shredder

Shredders and Shredding Industrial Cardboard Shredder

Shredders and Shredding has both paper shredders and shredders for cardboard shredding. For different types of raw cardboard waste, capacity requirements and final product size requirements, you can have different solutions. Sometimes, you can even use the shredder for prior shredding, and then use the granulator for further granulation. For a small amount of cardboard waste such as cartons, low-power shredders and small pelletizers are ideal choices. For distribution centers or recycling centers, large-capacity paper shredders or pelletizers may be required.

industrial cardboard shredder for packaging material

The shredded material from the single-shaft crusher and granulator can pass through the screen to control the output size, so the final output size can be determined. However, the double-shaft crusher cannot control the exact size of the final product due to the different design of the rotor and cutting system. You can tell us your requirements and contact the Shredders and Shredding team to find the right size industrial cardboard shredder for your size cardboard waste.

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