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Innovative Packaging Machine

Are looking to bring down packaging cost? Well, we have a packaging machine that can reduce your costs by a staggering 35%. 

This cardboard perforator machine can turn old boxes into soft mats that can be used as fillers. You can avoid the use of plastics and save with this innovative in-house solution.

industrial goods packaging machine
For Industrial Goods Packaging

The tried and tested packaging solution used worldwide for packing light as well as heavy articles. Soft cushioning that guarantees your product delivered safely in-spite of rough handling in transportation.

Shredders and Shredding Co. (SASCO) are the manufacturer of EZIPAC cardboard shredder packaging machines. These innovative machines are made in INDIA, by us, and come with an onsite warranty and after-sales backup. These machines have many advantages –

Packaging Machine Features

  • Easy maintenance, tough All Steel design ideal for Indian conditions
  • Robust cutters with 10 years warranty
  • Simple forward/reverse controls
  • Very low maintenance costs, 100% metal components
  • In house packaging material production as and when required
  • Energy efficient 30% less energy consumption with advance German drive tech
  • Operator-friendly design
shredded cardboard packaging
Keep your Electronics SAFE

Reuse and recycle cardboard waste fast and easy with this unique cardboard shredder!

These cardboard packaging machines occupy very little space and can be strategically placed at the point of packing. These machines are available in various models from occasional use to continuous daily use. It is an unbelievable machine that reuses waste and saves money at the same time!

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If you are looking for something else for packaging, we also sell colourful shredded paper filler. Check out our website Huefiller to know more.

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