Confidential Document Shredding Service

Paper Shredding

The most popular and frequently needed is our document shredding service, No matter how many papers you have for shredding we have the right combo to service your request with a variety of shredders from small for just a few files to very large industrial machines we are able to destroy papers very quickly.

degaussing service

Hard Drive Degaussing

We can degauss 100’s of hard drives in a day, having very advanced devices and ability to install multiple devices also if needed we can do the job fast.

Hard Drive Shredding

Our Industrial Hard drive shredder is easy to bring onsite for shredding if there are many devices to shred, this machine is capable of shredding a 1000 hard drives in a day. Along with hard drives we also have micro SSD shredder which crushes the SSD into very small pieces.

Paper Shredder Repair and AMC

We repair all types of shredding machines but preference is given to shredder bought from us, next is machines that we sell as spares of those machines are always in stock with us, Rarely are we able to service shredders sold online as their apares are not available and are mostly of very cheap make.

SSD shredding into micro pieces

A unique service now available from us – is shredding SSD into very small pieces, the shredded pieces meet international security level of H-5 , The machine is very powerful to give the desired cutting size in one shot

Frequently Asked Questions

Do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find an answer here

What quantity of papers should be there for us you call you?

We can cater to any quantity of paper destruction service, maybe if the quantity is less, it is advised to bring it to our place to reduce the cost.

Can a hard drive be degaussed as well as shredded?

Yes absolutely , that is double guarantee that it is completely destroyed, Generally we advice that the degaussing be done onsite and then the shredding can be done at our facility witnessed by your personnel

What size are the papers cut after shredding?

Mostly it is cut into thin long strips, but we also have special shredders that can cut in very small pieces.

How much time it takes to degauss one hard drive?

It takes barely 20 to 30 seconds to completely delete the data on a hard drive

Do you repair any Type/Brand Shredder?

Yes almost all can be repaired by us, but we give preference to shredders bought from us, over the other machines when the question of availability of spares arises.

How much time does it take to shred a room full of old files?

Our big shredder is capable of shredding 3 tons in an hour, so one room full would approx take 1 or max 2 days to shred.