SASCO sells its shredding machines to almost every industry segment you can imagine.
And because of customers’ widely differing applications and shredding needs, ‘rarely’ are two of our manufactured machines same.

shredders shredding company

Along with these industrial grade shredders and because of our immense experience, we have chosen the best, tried and tested products related to shredders and services related to shredding for our valued customers so that they get a one stop solution with faster service.

From small office paper shredders to over 100 HP industrial waste shredders all under one roof.

Similarly, our shredding services cater from shredding of just a few personal files to clearing out a decade of old records in tons, we have the machines to do the jobs safely and unbelievably fast!

Well, that is not all… we also have industrial grade hard drive degaussers and shredders to destroy data storage devices in 1000’s per day. 

To cater to such variety of consumers on a PAN INDIA reach and to manufacture assorted machines, over the years we have been lucky to attract the best talent to now have a team entirely focused on our one point MISSION – JUST EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE !

Our team has highly skilled design, manufacturing, sales and service capabilities to work in tandem and very closely with each client to understand their needs either with a visit AT THEIR SITE or trials at our location in MUMBAI, INDIA

We started out in 2011 when there was almost nobody in India manufacturing big industrial shredders, having started out in Partnership with MERCODOR – Germany, we marketed their double shaft shredder machines all over India. Soon by the middle of the decade, we were already manufacturing our SMBZ series of double shaft shredders sold to large Pharma companies who were in need of industrial grade machines that could shred all types of waste in one single shredder, having tried out the existing small shredders which unfortunately did not last for more than a couple of years.

These shredders quickly gained popularity and now have evolved into the finest shredding machines available for the pharma industry in India. With the growing pharma industry in India we kept abreast with increasing capabilities in offering an entire gamut of products either for one single application or for multi use.

Although now with a complete range of medical waste shredders remain SASCO’s primary product, the business continues to see growth now in various industries who are increasingly looking for new processing equipment to enhance production and safeguard proprietary production waste and packaging by installing industrial grade shredders in the scrap yards

Bigger and Better

We are now in a position to offer a wide array of plant-based shredding systems, either to be used in production process including two-shaft and four-shaft shredders that can give output to a specific size, as well as large primary shredders for high volume bulky items – metals, wood plastic etc.

Since its inception, Shredders and Shredding company has installed more than 1000 shredding machines of various capacities and for numerous applications mostly in India and abroad too – Our clientele is a who’s who of the manufacturing, defence,banking,services sector in locations as diverse as the four corners of our country.

And this is not just limited to shredders

For delivering each machine, we need to understand our customers requirement, then we design a machine that will give maximum throughput at minimum cost.

SASCO shredders are each born on the drawing table, customized according to the application and required throughput, made to give fantastic results for recycling any kind of waste of each specific client. The machinery we deliver is produced in house as well as machined by well-established machinery job shops with whom we have long term partnerships.

Our turnkey projects are more than just that; our clients are often new to the shredding technology and thanks to our own experience we are happy to help them thoroughly into this “new project”.

Our only goal is to give them the output for which they are buying the machine so that their purpose is solved with quick ROI

We make it a point that our next machine is improved on the last one, there will have to be some change , improvement that comes out from feedback from our customers, otherwise we feel that we have no challenge ahead.

Being in this shredding solutions business since 2010 and a part of the growing market in India has given us immense first hand experience, bringing many challenging scenarios in our way.

Since infancy the spark to do something new has led to manufacturing designs and techniques constantly improving.

New understanding of machine usage by constantly asking for feedback from customers helps us evolve and redo each machine all over again and again as we feel there is no limit to perfection.

Our in-house small design and engineering team is completely aware of the environment in which these machines are used and are highly experienced and draw knowledge from client visits and first hand operation of machines on client sites

Our shredders and shredding company base of satisfied customers push us to expand the realm of what’s next with processing and recycling equipment.

The more experienced you get, the more questions you ask! We always start with… what, why and how much

Nano Shredding Head

To make products for new applications and uses like this 3D printer filament and moulds

Customer is King

For us the only way ahead is customer service, we spend a major part of our business resources on customer satisfaction.

Our customers inspire us to help them find the most economical ways to recover valuable materials from one another or produce/process marketable products from waste.


1 – 11 – 1972

ABCO TRADERS was registered as a trading firm in the paper recycling business by the current owners father, with just a few rupees and grit to make it in Mumbai the financial capital of INDIA

In those pre-liberalisation, government controlled economy days there were very few private companies, so the major source of papers for recycling was government departments who had enormous amounts of papers in 100’s of tons to dispose off every year, of course shredding was unheard of then, and the best that was done was tearing by hand!

With just a few players ABCO TRADERS became a major paper mill supplier in Western India.

Then came Mr. Manmohan Singh! what he started in the form of economic liberalisation in 1990’s lead to the multinationals setting up shop in India, with their vast resources and international practises came the need for SHREDDING MACHINES AND SERVICES and thus was born the current firm aptly called Shredders and Shredding Company with the intention of supplying all types of shredder machines and providing shredding services too.

Timeline and Growth 2021

17 – 11 – 2005
1st Shredding contract from RCF Mumbai Work order no. ES/4(15)/Record/2004 Dated 17/11/2005
shredders shredding company Started Importing INTIMUS shredders from GERMANY
Was 1st to sell shredders online on Flipkart which was Mumbai based then
1st to make a cardboard shredder for packing in INDIA
1st ro make a 100HP 4 shaft shredder in India
1st to sell FELLOWES Shredders in India from Value Tree (Staples)
Partnership with Mercodor _ Germany for selling industrial shredders in INDIA

Achievements and Capabilities 2021

1Registered Vendor for the biggest companies based out of Mumbai for office shredders , services and document shredding
2MSME | NSIC | GeM registered since over a decade with supply to all major government offices and departments
3Was awarded contract for supply of Pet Bottle Shredder at railway stations all over India
4An average 53 tons of paper shredding capacity with several machines installed at the major office document generating locations all over Mumbai and surrounding areas within a radius of 100 kms
5Capability to serve PAN india locations with a partner network for any type of product and service

The possibility of adding another product or service to our repertoire excites us immensely.

With our vast experience we solicit projects unheard of done in India before.

Possibilities are Limitless, you can never stop learning

To make superb machines and give solutions tailor made for INDIA is our motive and duty towards our country.

To give a quality product we must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that for us is integrity.

Partner with us for your projects, and rest assured you will not get disappointed
Shabbir Abid Dhorajiwala

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