Fast , Sure, Safe Data Deletion

Unretrievable, hard drive is rendered useless

A degausser is a machine that completely deletes all data on Hard drives, the hard drive cannot be reused.


A world class degaussing machine that is simple to operate, just put the hard drive in the drawer and it will start automatically.

Within 30 seconds the hard drive degausser will completely wipe out all data stored in the drives,

This is done by a very powerful magnetic field. No software in the world can retrieve the data ever.

After degaussing the hard drive cannot be detected on the computer.

This is an internationally proven method that is 100% safe and sure.

Amongst degaussers The PRODEVICE AMS120 stands out as a powerful machine with a magnetic field of 11000 gauss.

Even if you have 2017 high TB HD’s with fully loaded high storage capacities, this machine is with you to do the job!

This latest Made in POLAND customized for INDIA degausser, also sold extensively across the world is certified according to the strictest international as well as Indian audit norms, so now you get the best in the world, a machine that just doesn’t look great but performs outstandingly… made for rough and tough non stop usage.

Sleek and elegant design, is a eye catcher in any modern office, with performance year after year, this machine matches looks with productivity completely, We offer this machine with a comprehensive onsite warranty for two years including free replacements and quick responses within 24 hours. So when you buy this machine you are not only purchasing a world class device but free services and warranty for TWO YEARS!

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