Office Documents Shredder

Office Documents Shredder

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About Of Office Documents Shredder

An “Office Documents Shredder” refers specifically to a device used to destroy paper documents in an office environment. These shredders are designed to cut paper into either strips or small confetti-like pieces, depending on the model, to prevent the reconstruction of the original document.

7 Key Features Of Office Paper Shredder

  1. Security Level: Paper shredders are categorized into different security levels based on the size of the shredded pieces. These levels range from P-1 (lowest security, strips) to P-7 (highest security, micro-cut). Choose a security level appropriate for the sensitivity of the documents being shredded.
  2. Shredding Capacity: Consider the volume of paper the shredder can handle at once. Shredders typically have a specified “sheet capacity” that indicates the maximum number of sheets that can be shredded in a single pass. Higher capacity shredders can handle larger volumes of paper and are suitable for offices with heavy shredding needs.
  3. Speed and Continuous Run Time: Look for shredders with higher speeds and longer continuous run times, especially if you anticipate frequent use. Some shredders have a duty cycle, indicating how long they can operate continuously before requiring a cool-down period.
  4. Safety Features: Ensure the shredder has safety features such as automatic shut-off when fingers come too close to the feed opening (often using sensors) and safety locks to prevent unauthorized use, particularly in environments with children or pets.
  5. Jam Prevention and Easy Maintenance: Choose a shredder with features designed to prevent paper jams, such as anti-jam technology and reverse mode for clearing jams. Easy access to the shredder’s cutting mechanism facilitates regular maintenance and cleaning.
  6. Size and Portability: Consider the available space in your office and whether you need a portable shredder that can be easily moved around or a larger, stationary model.
  7. Additional Functions: This Office Documents shredders offer additional functions such as shredding credit cards, CDs/DVDs, and staples. Determine if these features are necessary for your office’s shredding needs.

Top 10 Brands List Of Office Paper Shredder

  1. Fellowes Office Paper Shredder
  2. Kores Office Paper Shredder
  3. GBC Office Paper Shredder
  4. Intimus Office Paper Shredder
  5. Gobbler Office Paper Shredder
  6. Kobra Office Paper Shredder
  7. HSM Office Paper Shredder
  8. Pilot Office Paper Shredder
  9. Antiva Office Paper Shredder
  10. Dahle Office Paper Shredder

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