reuse old cardboards instead of plastics


The tried and tested packaging solution used worldwide for packing light as well as heavy articles.
Soft cushioning that guarantees your product delivered safely in-spite of rough handling in transportation.

This machine helps you save a lot of money on expensive packaging materials like styrofoam, thermocol Etc.
Used cartons which you would generally sell as scrap can be converted into soft perforated mats which can be used as void fillers.
So now your unwanted cardboard waste can be used for packing your precious products, reducing costs, and recycling your old cardboard!

Shredders and Shredding Co. (SASCO) are distributors and authorized after sales and service partners for INTIMUS Cardboard shredder PACMASTER S.These innovative machines are made in Germany and come with a onsite warranty and after sales backup all over INDIA and abroad. These machines have many advantages –

  • easy maintenance, tough all steel design ideal for Indian conditions
  • robust cutting cylinders with 10 years warranty
  • simple forward/reverse controls
  • very low maintenance costs, 100% metal components
  • in house packaging material production as and when required
  • energy efficient 30% less energy consumption with advance German drive tech
  • operator friendly design, minimum physical stress
  • reuse and recycle waste fast and easy with this unique cardboard shredder!

INTIMUS CARDBOARD SHREDDER is available in three sizes –

These cardboard shredder machines occupy very little space and can be strategically placed at the point of packing. These machines are available in various models from low volume occasional use to continuous daily use. Each unit comes with an optional dust extraction assembly that can be connected to stand alone dust collection units.It is an unbelievable machine that reuses waste and saves money !

We can assist you in finding ways how this machine can save costs by suggesting packaging ideas, call us for free sample and consultations. 

Small – for Shops
Medium – for Warehouse
Large – for Distribution Centers

Interested in trying an Eco friendly packaging solution that saves a lot of money too? call now – 91-22-23775522 for more details.

We also have another type of cardboard shredder as well that can be used for Volume Reduction – Blown boxes as it is can be fed in a very big hopper to tear it unevenly this output can then be baled and sent for recycling,
This Machine is useful for printing and packaging companies who generate a lot of wastage or large warehouses who have a lot of repacking to do so have a huge quantity of empty boxes to dispose.  

EZIPAC cardboard shredder
EZIPAC Cardboard Shredder