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Small HSM Paper Shredder

hsm shredder

1. HSM Securio Shredder

  • HSM shredder Securio C16c is a cross-cut shredder designed to be used by 1-3 people to shred up to 7 sheets of paper in a single sitting.
  • The document shredder features steel hardened cutting rollers to power through paper, clips, staples, and credit cards. The P-4 security level makes it ideal for the destruction of sensitive and classified information.
  • A removable bin container of 6.6 gallons is integrated into the paper shredder with an LED Indicator to monitor waste levels from the inspection window, ensuring emptying ease.
  • The continuous duty motor with quiet operations provides you with non-stop and noiseless shredding.

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hsc shredder

2. HSM SECURIO C14 Strip-Cut Shredder

  • HSM Securio C14s is a strip cut shredder to shred documents into 1/8 inches tiny particles.
  • The office shredder is ideally designed to fit the needs of 1-3 users in Small & Home Offices. With a 5.2 gallons bin container integrated into the shredder, it can store high volumes of waste material.
  • The P-2 security level shredder features an anti-jamming technology, an automatic start & stop button, HSM Shredder have jam reverse in case of any blockage and noiseless operations.

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3. HSM Securio C18 Strip Cut Shredder

  • HSM Securio C18s is a P-2 document shredder with 1/4 inches shredded cut size of the paper, paper clips, staples, credit cards, and CDs & DVDs.
  • The multiuser document shredder is a smart and affordable device that allows 1-3 people to cut through up to 19 sheets of paper in a single sitting.
  • HSM Securio c18s is a multifunctional paper shredder with anti-jamming technology, LED bin full indicator, automatic start & stop, continuous duty motor, and disruption-free quiet operations.
  • HSM Shredder A removable bin container can house 6.6 gallons of waste material.

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Medium HSM Paper Shredder

hsm paper shredder

1. HSM Paper Shredder Securio B26 Strip Cut

  • HSM Securio B26s is a strip cut document shredder with a smooth and powerful cutting system to shred paper, clips, staples, credit cards, and optical media into 1/4 inch tiny fragments.
  • The P-2 security shredder can power through 27 sheets of paper per pass and fits the needs of 1-5 users in busy work environments.
  • HSM Shredder Securio B26s is an energy-smart paper shredder with a multifunction element to provide the device with intuitive operation.
  • A removable bin container mounted on caster can store 14.5 gallons of waste material and ensures easy waste disposal.

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2. HSM Securio B22 Shredder cross cut shredding

  • HSM Securio B22c is a cross cut paper shredder with modern technologies integrated into the machine for ultimate user experience in workplaces.
  • The office shredder is built to withstand continuous operations and shreds up to 14 sheets of paper per cycle. The security level of P-4 enables the shredder to cut through paper, clips, staples, and credit cards.
  • HSM Securio B22s with its anti-jam technology and quiet operations make a perfect choice for disruption-free shredding in busy workplaces.
  • The removable waste bin of 8.7 gallons enables bulk storage of shredded material and allows effortless waste disposal.

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3. HSM Securio B32 Level P-5 Micro Cut Shredder

  • HSM Shredder Securio B32 is a level 4 micro-cut shredder to provide ultimate security and data protection in busy workplaces.
  • The continuous duty, multi-user document shredder is built to shred up to 13 sheets of paper into 1/16″ x 9/16″ inch tiny fragments.
  • HSM Shredder With carbon-hardened steel blades, Securio B32 has a continuous run time to provide uninterrupted shredding operations.
  • HSM Securio document shredder are robust designs to withstand constant operations and HSM Shredder provide top-notch security by shredding Paper, Clips, Staples, and Credit cards into unreadable shred waste.

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Large HSM Paper Shredder

1. HSM Securio B35 Strip Cut Shredder

  • HSM Securio B35s is a strip cut shredder to destroy up to 37 sheets of paper, clips, staples, credit cards, and optical media per cycle.
  • The P-2 document shredder is most compatible for 5-8 users in large offices and has a minuscule shred size of 1/4 inches for ultimate security.
  • HSM paper shredder B35s belongs to the B-Series of Securio that offers some of the best features in the market including an anti-jam technology to avoid paper jams, and silent operations for minimum disruption, continuous duty motor for non-stop shredding and minimum power consumption.
  • A high-capacity bin compartment in B35s stores 34.4 gallons of shredded waste.

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2. HSM Securio B35 Level P-5 Micro Cut Shredder

  • HSM Securio B35 is a heavy duty office shredder for up to 8 users. The micro cut shredder destroys all sensitive documents into a P-5 cut size of 1/16 x 5/8 inch.
  • 34.3 gallons waste bin reduces the need for frequent emptying, and quiet operations ensure minimal disruptions in the office space, making this one of the best office shredders in the market.
  • HSM B35 ensures optimum performance and ease of use. Anti-jam function provides overfeed protection to reduce paper jams. Meanwhile, HSM Shredder light barrier for automatic start/stop is time efficient and convenient.

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3. HSM Securio B34 Level P-4 Cross Cut Shredder

  • HSM Securio B34c is a high capacity HSM paper shredder for 5-8 people in large offices.
  • The strip-cut office shredder can cut through 22 sheets of paper, clips, staples, credit cards, and optical media in a single sitting.
  • The waste bin compartment can store 26.4 gallons of shredded material.
  • HSM Securio B32c is equipped with a multifunction element for intuitive and smart operations.
  • The robust duty motor and cutting systems enhance volume throughputs and aid with a non-stop shredding process. Moreover, the hsm shredder Silent operations of B34c make it a remarkable choice for your workplace.

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