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Our Industrial grade paper shredder starts from 1 hp and goes right up till 50 hp

SHREDMAC™ is one of the largest manufacturers of document and data security shredders in India, Located in Mumbai, the company started production in 2010 and has since then sold 100’s of shredders to almost all the biggest companies and users in India, you can send a request for our client list here.

All SHREDMAC™ industrial paper shredders are totally designed and manufactured in our factory. The range consists from the smallest back office shredder to perhaps the largest industrial category now needed up till 50HP, these machines are used by various industries and sold all over India.

industrial paper shredder is a heavy-duty machine designed for large-scale document destruction and is commonly used by businesses, government agencies, and organizations that generate a significant volume of paper waste containing sensitive or confidential information.

Industrial paper shredders come in various security levels, ranging from basic strip-cut shredding to more secure cross-cut or micro-cut shredding, ensuring the destruction of sensitive information.

Contact us for pre sale advice and selection assistance and we shall be glad to explain in detail the usage and other advantages of these paper shredders.

A far reaching efficient network of engineers are able to service customers all over India post sales during the warranty and for many years thereafter also!

Our best selling models are available in four sizes of Industrial Paper Shredder

SMBZ1 – Back Office Shredder

This machine is capable of shredding a pile of papers either daily or once a week, it fits comfortably in the office corner and can be used by house keeping staff to shred all unwanted papers collected from the entire office all together fast and without any break.

SMBZ2 – Records Room Shredder

Our most popular and universal use machine is the SMBZ2, this machine is made to shred over 500 kgs daily, it can be used in the records room, back office, warehouse, factory etc. Along with papers it is powerful enough to also shred – Cardboards, CDs, Aluminum sheets, Laminates, Files Etc.

SMBZ5 – 100 Sheets together Shredder

If you are in the records destruction business this is the first machine for you, a powerful yet compact shredder, can easily shred about 2 tons daily, with a high 100 sheet capacity an entire bunch of papers can be shredded without being separated

SMBZ10 – 200 Sheets together Shredder

This machine is our most popular model with the big companies, it is able to shred large sized papers and boards, effortlessly, with its incredible pulling power, the user is very satisfied with its capacity and fast cutting speed, a facility that generates lots of papers and other waste daily but needs to get it shredded in very less time, prefer to buy this machine.

SMBZ15 – 300 Sheets together Shredder

This shredder with a input conveyor is a power house of a machine, well you need lots of papers to shred daily to buy this machine, with its enormous capacity to destroy a room full of papers daily, you will need at least a couple of guys to do the packing simultaneously. This machine is best for a shredding facility and should ideally be couple with a baling machine.


Industrial paper shredders are built to handle large quantities of paper at high speeds. They are capable of shredding thousands of sheets of paper per hour.

Industrial Paper Shredder

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