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Low cost municipal solid waste shredder in india

Shredding of municipal solid waste mixes and reduces the volume of different types of materials like papers,plastics,organic waste etc thus improving efficiency of incinerators. It also increases the lifespan of landfill sites as broken down waste is able to decompose faster , reduces disposal costs and potentially saves revenue.

Our SMSZ 15 MSW shredder comes with the following features very much required for the small decentralised disposal processes in small towns and municipalities all over India –
Some extraordinary characteristics of our machine is

Our double shaft shredding machines are made after first hand onsite operating experience, evolving over the last decade, to get smaller pieces and for larger projects we also have a four shaft shredder for the same application –

Fast shredding
Bulk waste loading batch
Small piece output
Low maintenance
Made for rough usage in India
Easy availability of spares
One pass shredding
Can take hard items also, because of high torque gearbox drives


Although a shredder is a very a broad term there are now many shredding machines capable of material size reduction available ranging from single shaft , two shaft to four shaft shredders also

The composition of Municipal Solid Waste is so widely varied that special machines designed for MSW must only be considered which are strong enough to handle both soft and ductile materials as well as tough and resilient materials such as metal and dense plastics.

There are two prominent categories of shredders used in the management of MSW; high
speed, low torque (generally single shaft shredders) and low speed, high torque (double shaft shear shredders) There exists no similarity in the principles behind size reduction and the output.

The selection of the suitable machine rather depends on what is to be done with the waste after shredding!

This difference leads to some inherent advantages and disadvantages regarding the acceptable MSW feed as well as the size distribution of the product and overall process capacity.

HS single shaft shredder machines are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities. Some of the tub grinder type hammermills can reach capacities of up to 300 tons per hour of MSW size
reduction; however this number is closely related to the desired particle size as well as the content. A more realistic value for continuous operation of such shredders will peak at about 150
tons/hour for the larger machines. These are just not stand alone shredders but of course consist of complete systems and processes involving sometimes multiple machines also for sorting etc.

To know more about how the waste can be shredded and which low cost municipal solid waste shredder in India is best suited for your project, please contact us


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