label roll shredder

Shredder for adhesive stickers and plastic film

The label printing industry faces a big challenge in disposing of its waste, mainly because it does not fetch any value in the recycling stream nor is it easy to dispose of because of its confidential nature, we can offer a solution. A special shredder for adhesive stickers, rolls, plastic film and so on.

Industrial Shredder with top feeding hopper

This machine is mostly useful for dumping all types of printed waste in crumpled form all as it is, even a full bag can be put in the machine which will grasp it and shred it into pieces which will fall under the cutting chamber to collect in a plastic bag.

adhesive sticker shredder
Matrix rolls shredding process

Industrial Shredder with front feeding attachment

This shredder is most suitable for shredding misprinted rolls. With an easy-to-mount roll attachment, the machine automatically pulls and shreds multiple rolls very fast into strips or small pieces as required. This machine also has a self-lubricating system so that the material does not get stuck in the machine.

label roll shredder
label roll shredder

Write to us and we shall make a special shredder for your printed waste shredding needs. This will definitely help in solving the disposal issue in a better and safer way. We can even customise the machine for multiple sizes and number of rolls. This shredder for adhesive stickers will be worth your investment and will work for years to come with minimal maintenance.

We even have paper shredders to dispose of all your old records and documents.

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