small plastic shredder machine price

Small Plastic Shredder Machine Price

Almost half the plastic only have one time use. Because they are thrown away immediately after single use. Since most plastic waste is not easily degradable, this increases the landfill land which is a big concern in the world. Plastic waste recycling becomes one of the best solution to solve this problem. As one of the important recycling machine, mini plastic shredder machines refer to those small size plastic shredding machines. They features in its small footprint and versatile applications. Most of them are mobile plastic shredders so that you can move them to where plastic waste is.

small plastic shredder machine price

The applications of mini plastic shredder machines

Mini plastic shredders are available for size reduction of versatile plastic materials. For example, PET bottles or containers for soft drink, mineral water bottles and fruit juice, soft plastic waste like plastic bags, plastic films and plastic laminates, plastic pipes or tubes, nylon scrap, PP sheets, and molding scraps.

Shredders and Shredding mini plastic shredders

Shredders and Shredding brand mini plastic shredders have several types. They can be mini single shaft shredder, mini double shaft shredder or mini granulator. All of them are reliable and versatile high performance shredders or granulators. The trouble-free shredding or minimization of downtime can maximize the output and investment return.

Mini single shaft shredder features with big volume hopper and hydraulic driven press plate. It owns rotating and stationery cutters for effective shredding. PLC control can make it easy for problem diagnosis and maintenance. You can have cooling system to cool down the oil temperature and protect the machine. The screen size can be tailored to achieve your ideal size after shredding.

Mini double shaft shredder features with big volume hopper and high-torque cutting shaft. It has more powerful to cut off some materials like tires, metal drums or plastic films.

Compared to min plastic shredders, mini granulator has more fast rotating speed so that it granulates materials with higher efficiency. Screen size is also available for change based on individual requirement. But the hopper size is not big as that in mini shredders.

Shredders and Shredding offers a large selection of high capacity plastic shredders with various working widths, different cutter sizes and drive powers. Contact us today to find your own ideal machine.

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