Data Destruction


Data is stored on various electronic mediums along with papers, we offer products that can destroy physically all types of electronic data storage devices like :

  1. Hard Drives / SSD / NAS
  2. LTO tapes / Cartridges 
  3. CDs / DVDs / Optical Drive
  4. Pen drives / USB / Flash drives
  5. SD card / External Hard Drives
  6. Floppies
  7. And of course good ol papers!

We have a few unique products that can destroy data on optical media –

  1. Hard Drive Shredder
  2. CD shredder – Office as well as commercial (shreds into very small pieces)
  3. Pen Drive shredder
  4. LTO tapes shredder
  5. Multi Shredder – Cards,CDs,Pendrives, Paper All in one (microcut)

The data is completely destroyed in accordance to the highest security standards and the material recycled safely.

data destruction

Data destruction is required for papers and now increasingly for optical storage mediums too. Hard Drives have large quantity of critical data that needs to be deleted before disposal.

We offer primarily paper shredding services and now also have a hard drive degausser and shredder for onsite data destruction. Along with papers, all kinds of data storage devices and hard drives we’ve covered all mediums and can truly call ourselves complete data security service and product provider.




pen drive shredder

A new machine that is very useful in the office is our all in one high security shredder. It can shred papers into very small pieces, shred CDs also into very small pieces unlike most shredders that just cut it into broad strips, Credit cards are also shredded into very small pieces and finally it can destroy pen drives too!

The shreds are very small and impossible to join again, this is military grade shredding, highest security possible. 




cd shredder    

So whatever your need please contact us for the right data destruction product or service.

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