Confidential Data is stored on various electronic mediums along with papers, Most offices have a paper shredder to easily destroy into pieces important documents, Sometimes data destruction is needed for storage mediums like Hard Drives Etc. we offer a complete gamut of data destruction solutions – products and rental services that can destroy electronically as well as physically all types of data storage devices like :

  1. Hard Drives / SSD / NAS
  2. LTO tapes / Cartridges 
  3. CDs / DVDs / Optical Drive
  4. Pen drives / USB / Flash drives
  5. SD card / External Hard Drives
  6. Floppies
  7. Papers too!

We have a few unique data destruction products for sale and rental as well –

  1. Hard Drive Shredder
  2. Hard Drive Crusher
  3. SSD shredder
  4. Laptop Shredder (can be shredded as it is after removing the battery)
  5. Mobile phone shredder (can be shredded after removing the battery)
  6. CD shredder – For office as well as high volume commercial use (shreds into very small pieces)
  7. Pen Drive shredder (breaks into small pieces)
  8. LTO tapes shredder
  9. Office Multi Shredder – Cards, CDs, Pendrives, Paper All in one (micro cut)

Our destruction of data follows the highest international security standards and adheres to eco friendly and safe shredded material recycling.

data destruction

Data destruction of paper has always been required, and now increasingly for optical storage mediums too. Hard Drives have a large quantity of critical data that needs to be deleted before disposal.

We offer primarily paper shredding services and now also have a hard drive degausser and shredder for onsite data destruction. Along with papers, all kinds of data storage devices and hard drives we’ve covered all mediums and can truly call ourselves complete data security service and product provider.

A complete range of paper shredders is available with us, with our onsite shredding service for safely disposing old office records

An ALL IN ONE OFFICE SHREDDER for papers, CDs, pen drives Etc. Highest Security level P-7 (1x2mm cut size)

pen drive shredder for data destrucion

A new machine that is very useful in the office is our all in one high-security shredder. It can shred papers into tiny pieces, shred CDs and credit cards also into tiny pieces, unlike most shredders that just cut it into broad strips. And finally, it can destroy pen drives too!

The shreds are very small and impossible to join again, this is military-grade shredding, highest security possible. 

An Ideal Machine for defence and consulates

An inside office highest security data destruction solution


The most common type of data storage medium is hard drives, because of its immense capacity it can store large amounts of critical data which needs to be completely deleted before disposal, now a days it is very ease for fraudsters to extract data even from deleted files. We offer 2 devices for safe and complete deletion of data on hard drives

hard drive degausser


A degausser is an electrical device which completely deletes all data from Hard Drives

Advantages are –
Table Top , Portable Machine
Is 100% effective, Internationally accepted
Silent Operation
Very fast – 30 seconds only to delete 1 HD
Extremely safe and secure
Data deletion at source

hard drive shredder


A shredder is a heavy mechanical device which breaks the Hard Drive into small pieces

Advantages are –
HDs are physically destroyed
Double security – can be coupled with degausser
Heavy Duty machine for regular usage
Internationally accepted highest security
Back Office / IT hardware storage area use
Can destroy 1000s of hard drives in a day
Extremely safe and secure

So whatever destruction of data is required for your office, please contact us for the right data destruction product/service solution.