Paper Shredder for old records destruction

When you have old records for safe destruction, you need a SHREDMAC™ paper shredder made especially for destroying old records.

It can shred papers very fast and can take a bunch of papers all together with pins etc. Our SMBZ5 shredder model is ideal for this use, it can run non stop for the full day does not require any cooling and can shred a ton of paper in a day.

paper shredder for old records

Heavy-duty paper shredder for records with non-stop continuous use. With shredding capacity of 100 – 200 (70GSM) pages minimum.

Can Shred – Paper, Paper board, laminated papers, Thin plastic films, magazines, spiral-bound books, staple pins, U pins, CD’s, Plastic packing material, corrugated boxes


  • High torque and power
  • Works with anti-jamming technology
  • Feed width 500mm/20 inches wide feed format
  • Energy-saving electrical components
  • Overload and Thermal motor protection
  • Minimum noise while destroying old records
  • Mobility by castor wheels
  • Guaranteed high-quality paper shredder for old records. Easy to operate, easy to move, and has a low maintenance cost
  • One year Warranty for complete paper shredder
  • Two-year warranty for the blade
  • After-sales service for a minimum of 5 years for the shredder

We can even get you an office paper shredder for old records in your workplace.

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