Hard Drive Shredding Service

What is Hard Drive Shredding?

Even a single hard drive stores a significant amount of information. If incorrectly disposed of, sensitive data such as employee, customer and product information could still be recovered and used – with huge consequences. What is the solution you ask? Hard Drive Shredding!

hard drive shredding service

If your company stores personal or financial data on a PC hard drive, server or backup tapes, you need a secure way of dealing with those items when deciding to upgrade equipment or clear out old tapes. Shredding the hard drives will avoid the risk of it falling into wrong hands.

It’s worth remembering that even if a hard drive is formatted, it still contains data – and that data could still be recovered.
Hard drive shredding is also the most environmentally friendly method of destruction. Once shredded, the hard drives are sent for recycling, where ferrous and non-ferrous metals are removed before copper-rich materials, printed circuit boards and plastics are taken away to be recycled.

It can be easy to neglect the proper disposal of your old hard drives and other media devices in this age of technology.

Types of storage devices that we shred:

  • Hard drives
  • Solid-state drives (SSD)
  • Backup tapes
  • LTO tapes
  • USB flash drives
  • CDs and floppy disks
hard drive shredder
powerful shredding into small pieces

We even provide you with the scanned serial number and a certified Certificate of Destruction. Showing that each hard drive (listed by serial number) has been properly destroyed and disposed of.

What will happen to your hard drives?

  • Complete physical destruction into small pieces
  • Various cutting sizes available
  • Service at your doorstep
  • Heavy-duty industrial category hard drive shredding machines
  • Capability to shred 1000’s of HDs in a day
  • Micro shredder for SSD also available
  • Machine ready to deploy at short notice
  • Destruction certification available
  • Proper Responsible E-waste disposal as per government norms

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