Degausser for e-waste companies

Degaussing is a process to destroy data on hard drives and other magnetic media such as audiotapes. A degausser for E-waste companies is crucial to wipe off all data before shredding and recycling hard drives.

When degaussed, the information is scrambled into random patterns, making the data stored on the magnetic platter unreadable. The correct use of a degausser will ensure that information is no longer retrievable and can be easily sent for recycling.

hard drive degausser

Degausser for e-waste companies Services

E-waste companies are doing a great job in saving the environment but they also have to give their customers multi-location hard drive degaussing services. The customer will be assured that their data has been completely deleted before it leaves their office.

Our degausser is ideal because:

  • It is compact and portable
  • Powerful with 10000 gauss power
  • Economical with quick ROI
  • Good for small as well as large jobs as and when needed
  • Additional HARD DRIVE SHREDDER available
  • Comes with good after-sales service
degausser for e-waste companies safety

So if you need an effective degausser for e-waste companies multi-location services call or WhatsApp now +919820020756. You can also email on [email protected] for more details and pricing

We even sell hard drive and paper shredding machines for complete data destruction of your company information.

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