Biomedical waste shredder machine for hospitals in India

The P2 Medical waste shredder machine made in India for use in small towns and cities is an ideal solution to biomedical waste shredding and safe disposal, the dual shaft shredding machine is compact yet powerful to take all types of waste generated in the hospital. The medical waste shredder is made by INDIA manufacturer with over 10 years experience in shred and dispose equipment specially bio medical waste from small hospitals, the medical waste shredding can be done either daily , once a week or month as required. Biomedical waste shredder machine India

The shredder machine is always ready to be used, it does not require any cooling and can be used even for the full day if needed, unlike other waste shredders available in the market the shaft is made from strong steel for durability and corrosion free operation, the capacity of the machine is 50-100 kgs per hour and daily capacity is 400-500 kgs, after shredding the materials can be easily sent for recycling. An ideal way to do it would be to autoclave the contaminated items before shredding.

Biomedical waste shredder machine As most of the apparatus is made of plastic it is environmentally friendly to recycle the medical waste. 

The shredder and destroy blade, syringes, vial, needle, pharmaceutical items all in one same machine into unrecognizable and completely destroyed pieces

Small yet powerful biomedical waste shredding machine

The P2, P3 and P5 are ideal biomedical waste shredding machines available in 50, 100 and 200 kgs per hour capacities these waste shredding machines can be placed in the corner of the premise, basement or near the garbage dump, this specially designed bio medical waste shredder or medical waste shredding machine can be used as many times as needed throughout the day, PROKATO shredder manufacturer from Mumbai specializes and is know as waste shredder manufacturer with a proven track record of consistently performing machines for over 10 years.

Ideal Bio medical waste shredding machine for all types of hospital waste

Often medical waste disposal is a tiresome and neglected activity of any specialty hospital, rightly so as this is the last thing that you need to do!, What is needed is a medical waste recycling and disposal of solid waste system that seamlessly integrates in the day to day operation of the institution. Thus shredding is a process that should take the least amount of effort.

PROKATO partnered with leading manufacturers of components that could optimally assist the performamnce of the PKT series of bio medical waste shredders in India to give a cost effective shredding solution with minimum expendables as shredding is a key factor in solid waste safe management for any reputed institution within city limits with residents in the vicinity.

Machine to handle medical waste disposal in small capacity 50 – 100 kgs/hour shredder

Our double shaft shredders are not only renowned for biomedical waste shredder machine but also with all types of pharmaceutical waste and as organic waste shredder because of its robust design it can adapt to any application easily. It is available in broadly 3 capacities in the small shredder category –
50 kgs per hour 
100 kgs per hour
200 kgs per hour

The focus on shredding effectively all waste such as Syringes , IV bottles, and other contaminated waste after autoclaving (process by which waste is decontaminated) making it safe to shredding and waste handlers to dispose, the high grade stainless steel cutter DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY SHARPENING. the self cleaning mechanism of the hospital waste shredder is cost effective and easy to maintain used to destroy waste into 
small pieces. 

Our P5 biomedical waste shredder machine India – is the most popular machine used in various hospitals all over the country since the last 10 years

We are the original equipment manufacturer to make the first shredder that can shred medical waste all in the same machine, these dual shaft shredders are silent and can handle contaminate as well as sterilized in autoclave waste that helps in prevention of reuse of all types of medical wastes such as glass vials, ampules, blood bags, intravenous fluid bags, bandage, saline bottles, medicine bottles, ampoule, sharp and other misc. bio-waste.  

The machine that our engineers have developed is research backed over the last 5 years after understanding all conditions that they will be used in our hospitals, they are able to cut in to smaller pieces with high performance and efficiency, machines are extremely durable and ensure trouble free running as compared to single shaft shredder.

You can explore more categories available in different capacities of our range of shredders made for biomedical waste shredding which also after shredding fetches excellent scrap value.

The purpose of a biomedical waste shredder machine is to reduce the volume of biomedical waste and to render it non-infectious. The shredding process helps in the safe disposal of biomedical waste by destroying pathogens and reducing the risk of infection. The shredded waste can then be further treated through methods like autoclaving, incineration, or other approved methods.

We are Manufacturers of This Biomedical waste shredder Machine

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