domestic plastic bottle shredder

Domestic Plastic Bottle Shredder

Plastic shredder, plastic grinder and plastic granulator are the most popular plastic size reduction machines. These plastic recycling machines can handle different kind of plastics incl ABS, Acetal, Acrylic, HDPE, HMWHDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, Nylon, Nylon 6, Nylon 66, PC, PET, Polyamide, Polyester, PP, PS, PU, PUR, PVC, TPE, TPO, and UHW-PE etc.

Shredders and Shredding size reduction machines offers plastic shredders, plastic grinders and plastic granulators. These recycling machines is flexible, versatile, easy to operate, dural and easy to maintenance.

domestic plastic bottle shredder

Shredders and Shredding plastic shredders can be single shaft plastic shredder or double shaft plastic shredder. These plastic shredders are with different type rotors, cutting design and technology. Plastic shredder is featured with low speed and high torque. The final shredded material size are random but smaller. They can shred almost all plastics incl plastic containers ( PET bottle and HDPE container), plastic drum or plastic bucket, plastic film, plastic pallet, plastic pipe or plastic tube, molding plastic, massive plastic lumps, purgings, bumpers and TV shell or computer shell etc.

Shredders and Shredding plastic grinders can be considered as small-sized granulator which is much more cost effective and takes up less space. It has many applications incl plastics, wood, rubber and paper. If you just start a small-scale recycling business, this is your ideal size reduction solution. Plastic grinder is in high speed and final reduced size is smaller than plastic shredder. Just tell us what is your waste material and the required final product size, our plastic size reduction expert will recommend you or tailor you the plastic grinder for your own needs.

Shredders and Shredding plastic granulators are medium and large granulators compared to plastic grinder. But plastic granulator has different cutting structure design. Plastic grinder has closed rotor design but plastic granulator has open rotor design. Due to this reason, plastic granulator can crush some special plastics like light plastics but plastic grinder is not good at crushing light plastics.

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