plastic bottle shredder for home

Plastic Bottle Shredder for Home

Looking for an easy way to recycle plastic bottles? A plastic bottle shredder is your solution! These machines efficiently break down plastic bottles into smaller pieces, making recycling a breeze.

Why Choose a Plastic Bottle Shredder?

  • Space-Saving: Plastic bottle shredders are compact and fit easily into any space, whether it’s your home, office, or recycling center.
  • Efficient Recycling: Turn bulky plastic bottles into manageable pieces quickly and effortlessly, promoting recycling efficiency.
  • Reduced Waste: By shredding plastic bottles, you’re reducing waste volume, making it easier to transport and recycle.
  • Versatility: Plastic bottle shredders can handle various types of plastic bottles, including PET bottles, HDPE bottles, and more.
  • Environmentally Friendly: By recycling plastic bottles, you’re contributing to a cleaner environment and reducing plastic pollution.

Plastics is one of the most recycled waste materials in the world. Plastics recycling is popular in plastic waste management. Shredding plastics into small pieces is one of the important process in plastics recycling. Here we introduce some popular plastic shredder for sale in Shredders and Shredding for different plastic waste size reduction.

plastic bottle shredder for home
Plastic Bottle Shredder

Mini plastic Bottle shredder for sale

Shredders and Shredding mini plastic shredder is also called small-sized plastic granulator. This small plastic shredder is much more cost effective and has small footprint. It is very suitable to shred all kind of plastics incl plastic containers, plastic pipe, plastic roller, injection runner scrap and eggcrate packaging. You can view these plastic shredding video at our Mini granulator webpage.

Single shaft plastic shredder for sale

Single shaft shredder is a multi-purpose shredding machine. Plastic shredding is a common job for single shaft shredder. You can have big hopper for easy feeding and high output. Shredders and Shredding single shaft shredders have many popular models for your different application and output purpose.

Screen size can be customized per your request. You can find PET bottle single shaft shredder, HDPE container single shaft shredder, plastic bucket single shaft shredder, plastic pipe single shaft shredder, packing barrel single shaft shredder, vehicle bumper single shaft shredder, dashboards single shaft shredder, molding plastic single shaft shredder, TV shell or computer shell single shaft shredder, and plastic pallet single shaft shredder etc. The hydraulic-driven press plate can tightly hold the materials close to the high-speed rotary cutters for efficient shredding.

Double shaft plastic shredder for sale

Double shaft shredder is featured with two low-speed rotary cutting shafts. It can also shred wide range applications. Due to its high-torque cutting shafts design, it is also ideal to shred hard plastics and heavy tires. Shredders and Shredding double shaft shredder has many popular models for your different plastic products shredding.

Plastic granulator for sale

Plastic granulator is a high-speed size reduction machine. It is very ideal to granulate plastic bottles, plastic film, plastic bags, plastic pipes and molding plastics etc. If you want to have small size of final plastic granules, this granulator is your right machine. You can also have air extraction and collection system for conveniently collecting final granules into bags or containers.

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