Cardboard Shredder Machine for Packing Material

Cardboard shredders help to recycle your old boxes, protect the environment whilst saving you time and money.

Turn small quantities of old cardboard cartons into high bulk packaging material within a short period of time.

cardboard shredder machine for packing material

Benefits to using Cardboard Shredders:

high bulk void fill from waste cartons

protective matting for wrapping and layering

standard dust extraction device built into most models

low maintenance which reduces the loss of productivity through downtime

One of our favourite Cardboard Shredders is the Shredders and Shredding. A great feature of the Shredders and Shredding Cardboard Shredder is its safety for the workforce, that a 20mm high opening to a blade mechanism must incorporate a minimum safety distance of 120mm. Shredders and Shredding provides a 140mm distance to ensure maximum safety for inserting cardboard into the shredder, meaning hands stay safe when putting cartons into the machine.

We supply a variety of sizes of Cardboard Shredders to produce void fill or protective matting material for all types of businesses.

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