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Made in India Industrial Shredder PROKATO™

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Our SMSZ402 – Made in India – Industrial Shredder PROKATO™ is a ideal machine for multiple applications

The PROKATO™ twin shaft shredder is commonly used for various kinds of shredding operations in waste, raw material processing and all types of scrap shredding,

Either in the manufacturing industries or waste disposal facilities. In these types of applications the scrap and waste materials has mixed varieties leading to challenges in maintaining a balanced performing machine.

The PROKATO™ twin shaft shredder is able to accommodate all waste scraps in the same single machine.

The mechanical shredding of waste is a tough job, so electrical drive systems for shredders must be especially sturdy and reliable. This also applies to the gear box and motors, we use tried and tested OEM equipment from the best brands, which are ideal for the recycling machinery industry to drive our new twin-shaft shredder range specially made for waste materials.

In the PROKATO twin shaft shredder the material to be shredded is pulled between two shafts rotating slowly in opposite directions, each fitted with individual cutter discs made of high strength carbon steel.

The process is monitored by a PLC controller (only in the bigger shredders). If the machine is overloaded or foreign objects get into the cutting mechanism, the controller reverses the rotation.

The gap between the cutter discs is precisely defined to reduce the shredding force. A top-mounted stripping comb holds down the shredded material and prevents it from winding around the shafts.

The size of the output material is determined by the cutter width and design.

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