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E-Waste Scrap Metal Plastic Shredder Recycling Machine Twin-Shaft

Our Scrap Metal Plastic Shredder Machines are useful for complete e-waste recycling units it can reduce volume by 70% which reduces cost and recycles faster.

Most e-waste recycling units have a combination of machines for efficient processing of the various types of e-waste. The resources are extracted from the scrapped items and require tried and tested automation and processes. Our Twin Shaft E-waste Scrap Shredder Machine is an ideal first machine in this business.

e-waste shredder, E-Waste Scrap Metal Plastic Shredder Recycling Machine Twin-Shaft

Our PROKATO Twin Shaft E-Waste Scrap Metal Plastic Shredder Recycling Machine is an ideal first machine in this process. It is capable of breaking even the hardest plastic and metal components for further grinding or disposal. 

The solid hard steel machine cutters do not wear out that easily. The high strength gearbox can effortlessly munch the items and break them into pieces. 

E-waste Recycling Scenario in INDIA

About 95 per cent of India’s e-waste is recycled in the informal sector. The items are just thrown out in the garbage and collected by street kabadiwalas who break it into pieces and sell the carcasses for plastic recycling. All the other useful components are wasted. 

A report on e-waste presented by the United Nations (UN) in the World Economic Forum on January 24, 2019, points out that e-waste generated is 48.5 MT in 2018 and only 20% of that is recycled!

The total cobalt recovery rate from e-waste is only 30% (used in laptop, smartphone and electric car batteries).

There is a need for entrepreneurs to come forward and use the latest recovery techniques which will create jobs and save the environment. It will also help our country in recovering precious metals and be self-reliant.  

Our Twin Shaft E-Waste Scrap Metal Plastic Shredder Recycling Machine shredders are very useful for complete e-waste recycling units. Even traders who wish to start a collection can sell the segregated items to bigger units. Our shredder can reduce volume by 70% which saves on transportation costs and gets good rates from recycling units.

So if you are a startup or are planning an expansion, you should definitely contact us for a machine which will be worth your investment.

Going towards a greener earth…

On the bright side – An amazing achievement is that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (if they happen or whenever they take place) medals will be made from 50,000 tonnes of e-waste. 

The organising committee will make all the medals from old smartphones, laptops and other gadgets.

Highly advanced and developed countries like Japan, generate huge amounts of e-waste in the country.

By November 2018, organisers had collected 47,488 tonnes of devices. Nearly 8 tonnes of gold, silver and bronze will be extracted and repurposed to make more than 5,000 medals. 

About 1,600 or 90 per cent municipal authorities in Japan were involved in collection activities. We need this kind of approach, legislation and systematic recovery in India as well.

Twin Shaft E-Waste Scrap Metal Plastic Shredder

Our Twin shaft e-waste scrap metal plastic shredders are the ultimate solution for efficiently processing and recycling various materials. With their robust design and dual shafts equipped with sharp blades, SASCO shredders excel at breaking down electronic waste, scrap metal, and plastic materials into smaller, manageable pieces.

Designed for industrial use, twin shaft E-Waste Scrap Metal Plastic Shredder shredders offer high throughput and reliable performance, making them ideal for facilities handling large volumes of diverse materials. Their versatility allows them to handle a wide range of items, from old electronics to bulky plastic containers and metal scraps.

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