shredded paper filler

Crinkle Paper Shred

CRINKLE PAPER SHREDS for good look of your gift boxes and keeping the articles well cushioned and safe. Available in any quantity and colours.

shredded paper filler
Crinkle paper shred

CRINKLED Shredded papers are perfect for enhancing the look of your gift boxes and keeping the articles well cushioned and safe.

One easy way to make small box packing look lively and make the gift stand out is using colourful paper cuttings, This recycled paper material is highly flexible and adjusts to the contours of curved and circular shapes in a square or rectangle box.

Cheap, custom-able, eco friendly and good looking too! something that does not take the attention from your gift, you can choose from a wide variety of colours for regular packing or special occasion packing.

Your beautiful gift boxes will look good with colourful shredded papers to protect the valuable  articles and also to make the gift package look very attractive from inside as soon as it is opened adding to the wow effect. We have a range of different colours that will blend with your product or brand and make your ideas and items stand out too.

Crinkle paper shred

  • Any quantity available, standard packing in 1 kg (MOQ)
  • Multiple colours or same colour available but not less than a Kg.
  • Same day dispatch of standard colours
  • Various payment options available
  • Wholesale prices with door delivery

Are you in the gifting business, do you need large quantities of crinkle shredded papers? Call us now on +919820020715 for bulk quantity orders

We have very good quality imported papers and eye catching colours that you will find very useful for your business.

Some common colours are –

Blue – Usually associated with stability and profundity. Being the colour of the sky and the sea it represents loyalty, confidence, knowledge, honesty and in many religions protection.

White – Symbolises purity, perfection, honesty and innocence. As it represents faith and purity it is the colour most often used in weddings.

Red – Without doubt symbolises love, passion, optimism, desire, bravery and courage.

Purple – Including the whole range from lilac to violet, symbolises humility, tolerance and knowledge. These colours transmit calmness and relaxation.

Orange – Represents strength and resistance, along with confidence and vigour.

Yellow – Pure happiness. It represents honour and loyalty and transmits happiness and wellbeing.

Black – Represents elegance, formality and powers

Pink – This colour generates an ambience of harmony, tenderness, femininity & love.

Beige, Brown – Signifies stability and inspires creativity. These are universal colours having an amazing effect when combined with other colours.

Green – The colour of hope and nature. It represents harmony, exuberance, fertility and freshness.

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