Destroy hard drives

Destroy hard drives – The way they should be , safely and 100% sure

The right way to destroy hard drives, be it just one or many is either by degaussing or in a shredding machine.

degausserDegausser – 
It is a electrical device that completly delets all data on hard drives within 30 seconds, the hard drive cannot be reused again, rather it is so thoroughly screwed up that it cannot be detected on the system!

Advantages –

  • Table Top Device; not much space required
  • Electronic , soundless operation
  • Physically HD does not change
  • Can be witnessed by asset owner
  • Computer generated reports


hard drive shredderShredder –
Just drop the hard drive into the slot of the shredder and the powerful cutters break it into pieces. Once shredded they are completely destroyed with even the platter broken into bits.

Advantages –

  • Breaks HD’s into very small pieces
  • Double sure , can be used after degaussing
  • Confirms audit requirements
  • Ideal for high security data drives
  • Can be used for SSD also
  • Safe E waste disposal with resale as scrap


We have come across a lot of ways people think to destroy hard drives, they are very dangerous methods that can cause injuries too..

DON’T TAKE RISKS – Call us for destroying your valuable data on any kind of media, we offer onsite as well as offsite destruction services for any quantity of media from just one to thousands together. With a complete range of tough shredders you are assured of top class services at very economical rates.

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