shredded paper packaging

Multi colours shredded paper packaging for gift hampers

shredded paper packaging
shredded paper packaging

Neat attractive colours of shredded paper packaging in small as well as large quantities is available.

Make your gift hampers look really very rich and unique. From several colours to choose from you will certainly find the right shade to match your product.

Packaging has to be cost effective yet attractive looking to enhance the product, we can give you shredded papers in a wide range of prices, Generally used paper shreds are the cheapest, then comes the shredded paper from new blank, fresh sheets. The fresh papers are dust free and is available in various colours. There is a limited choice in used papers. In new blank papers the cheapest is brown papers and then the other common colours. Whatever you need to pack, we can offer a very economical solution, contact us for more details and prices.

Industrial packaging

industrial packaging
industrial packaging

With shredding being a major part of our business, we procure various types of shredded material that can be used for packaging. We specialise in low cost industrial packaging solution like reuse of old cardboard boxes.

An innovative new machine that can turn old cartons into soft mats which are very flexible and provide very good cushioning is used widely in the engineering sector.

Call us 022-2377 9999 for a box full of samples to try out this new material which will definitely be very useful and cost effective.

Shredded paper packaging is thus classified into two broad categories –

1 Should be attractive Should be practical
2 Clean and dust free For outside cushioning
3 Small quantities Large quantities
4 From fresh papers From used materials
5 High cost Low cost

No matter what your need we look forward to giving you the right eco friendly paper void fill that will be very effective and economical too!

Shredders and Shredding Company (SASCO) Also Sell Crinkle Paper for your gifting, we have multiply colors, HUEFILLER Is our Crincle Paper Brand (Shredded Paper for Packaging)

Contact Us For More Details Whatsapp/Call: +91 9820020714

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