Shredding machine manufacturers in India

Shredding machine manufacturer

Shredding machine manufacturerAs a shredding machine manufacturer we have a complete range of shredders for numerous applications ranging from papers, very voluminous light materials to non ferrous metals.

We manufacture shredders in India that can be used to shred a wide variety of materials from papers to mixed materials also. Whatever your requirement we can customize a machine that will give great value in short term.

These machines have a simple function, the proper combination and intelligent design makes them very productive and distinguishes them from the other machines. 

Having decided to manufacture only shredders we developed a very keen interest in how these machines can be perfected to give optimum value for money to our customers, we realize that the investment should payback fast and the business must grow.

Indeed the use of these machines is not limited to one particular applications and sometimes one machine can shred papers, plastic,wood,rubber,glass Etc. 

The broad classification of uses is –

  1. Factory Waste
  2. Papers and Card boards
  3. Light Plastic
  4. Wooden Pallets
  5. Non ferrous metals
  6. Electronic waste and hard drives
  7. Medical Waste
  8. Recycling
  9. Volume reduction
  10. Raw material processing 

Tell us what you want to shred and how much and we will give you economical options to choose from.

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