paper shredder hire

Paper shredder hire for destroying old documents

paper shredder hire
paper shredder hire

Paper shredder hire for destroying old documents

When you require a shredder on rental for a few days, we have the right equipment for the job, just tell us the quantity you have for shredding and we’ll send a machine accordingly, charges are on per day, week or monthly. You need assistance we shall also provide an operator and packer.

Annual lease agreements –

If you need big shredders on long term rentals we provide machines in very good condition with full maintenance responsibility, you will have a shredder that’s always ready to shred whenever you want, various capacities are available but this option is economical only for large shredders. Most big organisations prefer this because-

No need to spend large amounts on purchase the machines
Which then become a headache maintaining
No long term commitments – use only till required
Machine always in working condition

Paper shredder hire for Old records shredding –

For a big company or a small company there are a lot of old records that need to be destroyed, these documents cannot be shredded in the normal office shredder, what you need in such a scenario is professional shredding service. This is the best option because –

Fast and efficient than regular office boys
Every thing from machine to disposal of shredded papers taken care of
Eco friendly recycling done with certification
You don’t have to pay anything to get rid of the scrap

Few files/boxes for shredding

We all have some personal papers for shredding at home, some old documents which we no longer require when we are shifting or a few boxes of old files that need to be destroyed. It is always safe to get them shredded rather than giving them away to the local raddiwala. We can send across a small handy shredder that can be used at home, or better and for free is our shredding service at our facility located and accessible anytime with ample parking space. We suggest that you get all that needs to be destroyed to our facility and watch it get shredded into bits in a few minutes in big industrial shredder. Increasingly a lot of professionals are using our this service because –

It is free of cost!
Get a box full of documents shredded in minutes
No bother of shredding yourself
Eco friendly disposal of your papers for recycling

So no matter how much you have for shredding, just contact us or give a call and we’ll suggest the most economical way to get rid of it all very fast and in a eco friendly manner too.

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