paper shredding companies near me

Paper Shredding Companies Near Me

Looking for paper shredding companies near me? Look no further than SASCO! We are your trusted local paper shredding solution, providing secure and reliable shredding services to businesses and individuals in the area.

At SASCO, we understand the importance of protecting your sensitive information. Whether you need to shred confidential documents, old files, or outdated records, we’ve got you covered. Our state-of-the-art shredding equipment ensures that your documents are destroyed beyond recognition, keeping your information safe from identity theft and data breaches.

Handling data is a daily reality for most businesses. Whether that is processing customer financial details or printed reports that contain sensitive business data there are many ways in which data has become essential to daily workflows. Protecting this data – and protecting the business from the consequences of not handling it properly – is essential. A paper shredding, document destruction company has a key role to play in helping to ensure that business processes are safe and compliant. These are the 3 key benefits of partnering with a shredding specialist.

paper shredding companies near me
Paper Shredding Companies Near Me

Streamlining your business

Shredding is something that might previously have been handled in-house, often by staff who were trained to do other jobs and using a regular business shredder. This is not only time consuming but means that a business is losing out on the investment made in staff who are focused on a manual task when they could be adding value elsewhere. Working with a paper shredding, document destruction company frees up your team to focus on other things. The shredding is handled quickly and discreetly by a team of professionals who ensure that process is as efficient as possible.

Minimise the cost consequences

A commitment to shredding is a positive move. It can help to ensure that a business is greener where the shredded waste is shipped to a recycling plant and demonstrates that the business is focused on ensuring compliance. However, in-house this can place a significant cost burden on the business. Upfront expenses include the shredding equipment and anything required to maintain it. Office shredders are notorious for jamming and repairs can be costly and frequent. It’s also necessary to take into account the staff hours lost to shredding and the need to upgrade and replace equipment.

Working with a paper shredding, document destruction company minimises these cost consequences. There is no need to consider an upgrade, repair or maintenance and a regular shredding schedule ensure’s peace of mind. This can outweigh the cost of the service, financially and strategically too.

Ensuring complete compliance

Particularly since the introduction of the GDPR, the consequences of not dealing proactively with physical data in documents can be severe. Financial penalties are large and reporting requirements mean that there is nowhere to hide. A partnership with a paper shredding, document destruction company means that a business can be completely compliant with respect to safe and total document destruction. A chain of custody can be proven thanks to the lockable consoles that are provided and a certificate of destruction that the business will receive for each shredding load complete. Today, it’s just not worth the risk of failing where compliance is concerned and for most businesses, this is going to require some outside support.

These are three of the major benefits – for any business of any size – of working with a paper shredding, document destruction company, from peace of mind to achieving compliance goals we at Shred-on-Site are there to work with you and your business.

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