paper shredding services near me

Paper Shredding Services Near Me

If you’re looking for ways to cut costs and maximize revenue in 2020, partnering with professional paper shredding services is a great place to start. Professional on-site shredding or off-site shredding eliminates many of the risks and extraneous costs related to in-house shredding practices.

While managing shredding tasks in-house might seem like a cost-effective and time-efficient shredding solution, your business probably isn’t saving as much money and time as you think. In-house shredding can waste valuable employee resources, increases the potential for mistakes and pose security risks.

paper shredding services near me
paper shredding services

Let’s take a closer look at how professional paper shredding can add value to your business this year.

1. Maximize Staff Resources & Skills

Unless you’ve hired someone whose core responsibility is to safely destroy company records, your staff is likely wasting valuable resources allocating their time to nonessential shredding tasks.

Employees who are tasked with shredding documents put aside their regular business responsibilities in order to handle destroying information. While this time may seem minimal, over weeks and months, this added task can take a toll on performance and revenue.

Relying on untrained staff to decide what needs destroying and what doesn’t also creates the potential for errors. Wrong decisions could expose your company’s sensitive documents to criminals or forms of corporate espionage and require costly reputation management.

2. Overhaul Organization

Using regularly scheduled shredding services frees up valuable physical space and ensures the job gets done in a thorough and organized manner.

Once documents reach the end of their useful lifespan and are no longer required for compliance, shredding offers a great way to get rid of old filing cabinets and repurpose document storage areas with workstations. This process creates a more efficient office space and allows your business to focus on customer satisfaction.

Professional paper shredding services also help enhance organization by providing secure disposal bins where your employees can conveniently deposit sensitive documents. Those documents get disposed of on a regular schedule then either shredded on-site at your office or offsite at our certified secure facility. 

3. Make ‘Peace of Mind’ a Reality

Peace of mind may not initially seem like a money saving benefit. But when you work with a professional paper shredding service, you receive a formal certificate of destruction to ensure the most appropriate shredding practice has been carried out. Add that benefit to the regularly scheduled service and you’ll almost forget about the document destruction process, allowing you to put more effort into delighting your customers.

Ultimately, a cost-effective and convenient professional document shredding service ensures compliance with document disposal regulatory guidelines, enhances security and maximizes employees’ time, so your team can focus on carrying out their roles as efficiently as possible.

Find out how Shredders and Shredding Services can provide the document shredding services your business needs through our experienced and NAID certified document destruction services. Learn more by downloading our secure shredding bins guide to discover which is right for your company. Have questions? We’re here to help, contact our shredding experts today.

Find Reliable Paper Shredding Services Near You

Looking for secure and convenient paper shredding services nearby? Look no further! Our local paper shredding services offer peace of mind for businesses and individuals alike. With our state-of-the-art shredding equipment and strict security measures, you can trust us to handle your sensitive documents with care, we shred your documents in front of you and provide a shredding certificate.

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