When it comes to protecting sensitive information, a heavy duty cross cut shredder is an essential tool for any office or home. Shredders and shredding Company Offer powerful machines a higher level of security compared to traditional strip-cut shredders, as they turn documents into tiny confetti-like pieces that are nearly impossible to reassemble. We Provide you Unbeatable prices all Over India with Full Support and warranty.

crown heavy duty cross cut shredder

Crown heavy duty cross cut shredder

  • Built from durable, precision engineered, high-performance components, designed to work for a long life, which are ALL MADE IN INDIA!
  • The shredder is enough for a pile of papers that have to be shredded on dayto-day basis, trust it to work for years without getting spoilt!
  • High security cross cut shredding, fast speed capable of shredding even a hundred kgs in just about an hour!
  • Unique user-friendly machine for non stop use (no cooling required), durable and easily serviceable anywhere in India.
  • Model No. – SM BZl C
  • Cut Type – Cross Cut
  • Sheet Capacity – 15 (A-4 Size/70gsm)
  • Motor Power – 1 HP
  • Operation – Manual with Reverse Funtion
  • Castor Wheel – Yes Thermal
  • Overload Protection – Yes Cut Size (mm) – 4*35 mm Paper Entry Width – 300 mm Bin
  • Capacity (Liters) – 80 L Shred
  • Staples – Yes
  • Shred Cards & CDs – Yes
  • Noise Level (db) <65 Bin – Open Door Rated
  • Speed (M/min) 15
  • Dimension – (LxWxH) 23″x20″x43″(Inches) 585x510x1095 (mm) Weight Approx 75Kg
  • Features Cutters: Alloy Steel, Metallic body with powder coating for long durability,
  • Features: CD/ Credit cards, Can shred 250 Kgs papers in a day on regular basis

SMBZlC Crown Datasheet

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Investing in a heavy duty cross cut shredder ensures that your confidential documents, credit card statements, and other sensitive materials are properly disposed of, reducing the risk of identity theft and data breaches. These shredders are designed to handle large volumes of paper quickly and efficiently, making them ideal for busy work environments or individuals with high-security needs.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your office equipment or simply want peace of mind when disposing of personal information, a heavy duty cross cut shredder is a smart choice. With their advanced features and robust construction, these machines provide reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

Don’t compromise on security – choose a heavy duty cross cut shredder to safeguard your sensitive information and protect your privacy.

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