On the other hand, a cross-cut shredder cuts the paper lengthwise and crosswise. The size of the cut-up pieces of paper varies from 5/16″ x 3″ to 1/32″ x 3/16″. The result is cross-cutting pieces of paper at about 300 to 900 tiny bits, depending on the size of the cut. you can Contact Us We will Provide more cross-cut shredders and guide you on which one is better for you

Cross Cut Paper

Cross cut paper shredders provide an advanced level of security by cutting documents into small, confetti-like pieces. This type of shredder offers enhanced protection against identity theft and unauthorized access to sensitive information.

The cross cut paper shredder details include the size of the shredded pieces security levels are P3 and P4, which are typically smaller than those produced by strip-cut shredders security Levels are P1 and P2. This makes it much more difficult for individuals to piece together shredded documents.

Businesses and individuals alike benefit from the added security provided by cross-cut paper shredders. They are essential tools for safeguarding confidential information and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Cross cut paper Shredder

Powershred LX65 Cross-Cut Shredder

• Fellowes Cross-Cut Shredders Powershred Regular use in Modern Office environment

• Shreds 10 sheets per pass
4x40mm cross-cut particles
Security DIN Level P-4

Powershred LX70 Cross-Cut Shredder

• LX70 Cross-Cut Powershred Shredder Medium use in Small Office and home office

• Cross-Cut Powershred Shredder are Shreds 11 sheets per pass into 4x40mm cross-cut particles (DIN Level P-4)

Powershred LX45 Cross-Cut Shredder

  • Moderate use in the Office and home office
  • Shreds 8 sheets per pass into 4x37mm cross-cut particles (DIN Level P-4)
  • Patented Safety Lock disables shredder for added safety protection

Powershred LX25 Cross-Cut Shredder

  • LX25 Cross-Cut Shredder is Light use in the Small Office and home office
  • This Fellowes Powershred Shredder Shreds 6 sheets per pass into 4x37mm cross-cut particles (DIN Level P-4)

Others Shredder

HSM ProfiPack P425 Best Cardboard Shredder

best cardboard shredder

For Shredders and Shredding Company, When it comes to choosing the best cardboard shredder for our customers, we rely on our extensive experience of over 10 years and practical shredding expertise in the INDIA packaging industry. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction drives us to carefully make and sell the most efficient and reliable…

Pallet Shredder

Pallet Shredder

Our PROKATO™ pallet shredder is a large opening shredder machine designed to break down all types of pallet into small pieces or wood chips. Our Pallet shredder is commonly used all over the world in scrap yards, industries such as recycling, manufacturing, and waste management to reduce its volume so that large quantities can be…

RDF shredder

RDF shredder

RDF shredder (Refuse-Derived Fuel) is a specialized machine used in waste management and energy production. don’t worry every shredder need at One Palced, We are manufactures of RDF Shredder and many more, You can easily contact us for more detail and order. RDF Shredder Recycle Waste Please Contact Us We Will Guide You to the Best…

crinkle cut shredder

crinkle cut shredder

Our S2H crinkle cut shredder is mostly used for inhouse packing by e-commerce companies and those in the gifting business who sell products online and also offline Gift and hamper packing companies in the corporate sector, We have a made in India very durable Crinkle paper shredder for those who are already in the business…

crinkle cut paper shredder

crinkle cut paper shredder

Our S2H made in India Crinkle cut paper shredder is a game-changer for your gifting business, when it comes servicing your customers with an entire range of products , our crinkle cut paper shredder adds that extra flair and color in your product range of gift packing materials. Gone are the days of searching for…

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