Definition Cardboard Chipper

A cardboard chipper, also known as a cardboard shredder or corrugated shredder, is a machine designed specifically to break down cardboard boxes and other corrugated cardboard materials into smaller pieces or chips. These chips can then be repurposed for packaging material, animal bedding, composting, or recycling.

S3 Cardboard Chipper

S3 Cardboard Chipper

  • 100% Hard Metal Body, Non-Shop Continous Running Shredder
  • Motor Power (HP): 3 phase
  • Sheet Capacity: 50 – 60 Sheets
  • Application: High Volume Shredding
  • Type of Product: Industrial Paper Shredder
  • Shredding Type: Strip Cut / Cross Cut
  • Item Shred: Paper, Cards Card, CD, Card Board Boxes, Catalog, Printing Material

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Cardboard Chipper Working

Card board chippers typically work by feeding cardboard boxes through a slot or opening, where they are shredded or chipped into smaller pieces by rotating blades or rollers. Some models may also include features such as adjustable cutting sizes, safety mechanisms to prevent injury, and the ability to handle different thicknesses of cardboard.

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When choosing a cardboard chipper

consider factors such as the shredding capacity, power source (electric or manual), ease of use, maintenance requirements, and safety features. It’s also important to select a chipper that meets your specific needs in terms of the volume and type of cardboard you need to process.

Before purchasing a cardboard chipper

Only Call Or Whatsapp and Email Us, Additionally, consider factors such as warranty coverage and customer support from the manufacturer to ensure that you receive adequate assistance if any issues arise with the machine. All Shredding solutions are in one place with warranty and service.

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