shredding service
Shredding Service

Shredding service is the safest and most economical way to destroy old documents which cannot be done in the regular office shredder, we have services that will do the job just as you prefer it to be done. With a complete range of industrial shredders, we can destroy not only papers but Hard Drives, LTO tapes Etc. also.

Of course an ordinary office paper shredder is not meant for this purpose, what you need is a safe and fast way to dispose all the unwanted raddi , we have just the right service for you, so why use the small office shredder for big shredding jobs? office boys have a lot to do than just shredding the whole day. Get rid of all your confidential papers safely and create valuable space for storing current records. Alternately use our services to destroy records kept unnecessarily with records management companies and save lots of money annually on storage charges.

AT YOUR OFFICE – good for regular monthly requirement
We shall get our industrial shredder to your office and do the complete shredding job from start to finish, you can opt for this option if you have regular large lots of shredding and you require it to be done fast and professionally.

Sometimes you may have old files which need to be destroyed but the office shredder is inadequate for this purpose, also as this activity is not frequent it is not advisable to buy a bigger, expensive shredder which would occupy space and would be difficult to maintain, we offer our onsite shredding service which is a very economical and quick solution for such a situation.

  • We will get a big Industrial Shredder to your office
  • Shred all unwanted documents
  • Pack the shredded papers
  • Clean the place
  • Take the shredded papers for recycling
  • Issue a Eco friendly document shredded and recycled confirmation certificate

Contact now for commercials, to know how you can get it done for free and/or get paid for the shredded papers also!

MACHINES ON HIRE – good for once in a while requirement
We shall give you a paper shredder on hire depending on the amount of documents and time it which the job needs to be done, There are options wherein the shredding can be done by you or by us. This is a better option if you are gradually sorting what needs to be destroyed, generally at times of shifting. You can choose paper shredder model from small, medium to large, call us to know which shredder is suitable for your shredding quantity.

AT OUR FACILITY – good for fast bulk shredding
For big loads it is not convenient to shred onsite, we shall arrange for pickup from your location and do the shredding in a big industrial shredder at our warehouse. This option saves a lot of time because the job at our place can be done efficiently and very fast It can be witnessed by your appointed person. It is also a preferred way when the quantity is very less and to save the bother and money on onsite services. Please visit our facility to see first hand the equipment and how we can do the shredding securely.

Call now to know more – Tel: 022-23779999

We offer economical options for getting rid of old records and other optical storage media also. 

Certification will be provided for audit purposes for options 1 and 3.
Special rates for customers who have bought products from us.

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