Shredder Machine Heavy Duty Price

Shredder Machine Heavy Duty Price

The cost of the heavy duty shredder machine varies greatly, depending on the brand, capacity, security level, additional features. The plan of heavy duty shredders is for the shredding of high-volume waste in the places such as big offices, government agencies, or also high-intensity industrial settings. Here is a general explanation of the price range that you will meet while buying heavy duty shredder units. Shredder Machine Heavy Duty Price to know please Contact Us.

Shredder Machine Heavy Duty Price

Kores 871 Paper Shredder

  • Cross Cut 20 Sheets Paper Shredder
  • This Paper Shredder is 40 Minutes Continuous Running Time
  • Kores Easy cut 871 paper shredder has a 34-litre bin capacity
  • Sliding Cover For Machine Power On
  • Shredder Are Shreds: Paper, Staples, Paper Clips, CDs and Credit Cards
  • The Kores Paper Shredder also comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Kores Paper Shredders are the perfect way to keep your confidential documents safe. 
  • It features a sturdy metal construction and a powerful motor that can shred up to 8 sheets of paper at once.
  • The Kores Paper Shredder is a great choice for those who need a reliable and durable paper shredder.

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