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Finding the Good Paper Shredder

Good Paper Shredder

With the rise of the digital era, a secure measure is needed to secure sensitive information is no longer just a desire but it is also a must to do. Whether it’s the information we hold in our personal documents, financial reports, or confidential work materials, the disposal of these papers needs to be done carefully, in order to avoid identity theft and protect our privacy. It’s there that you’ll certainly appreciate having a dependable paper shredder.

However, with so many different shredders out there you could easily get that feeling of being lost or being unable to find the good Paper shredder. To help you find your way among the choices and to actually buy the right Good paper shredder that is best for you, let’s examine some main things that matter.

Security Level:

The first thing to point out when selecting a paper shredder is the level of security it offers. Shredders typically come in two main types: both strip-cut and cross-cut.

  • Strip-Cut Shredders: The confetti shreds into short strips which offer basic security but one is still possible to reconstruct the information that was originally present.
  • Cross-Cut Shredders: Similarly, used for cutting documents into small, confetti-shaped pieces are cross-cut and particle-cut shredders which (consequently provide a higher security level by rendering the process of collecting the documents back to be almost impossible).

Bank records and important legal documents which require maximum confidentiality should be shredded through a cross-cut shredder.

Capacity and Performance:

Shredder’s capacity refers to its capacity to shred sheets at the same time. Calculate how many pages you shred in a typical day/week/month, and this will help you in deciding on the capacity you require. If you shred documents in large batches on a regular basis, you would wanna buy a shredder with a higher sheet capacity to save time and work.

Moreover, note that a self-shredding and cooling off time might be essential. mdMS can operate uninterruptedly without overheating, therefore suitable for heavy loads. Contrary to that, duty cycle shredders apply a certain amount of resting time after intensive use.

Additional Features:

  • Jam Prevention: Purchase a shredder with anti-jamming technology to eliminate the experience of getting stuck paper jams and also guarantee seamless operation.
  • Safety Features: Safety should not just be considered, especially when there are kids and also pets around. Pick a shredder which has many safety features. Such safety features includes auto-shutoff or safety locks.
  • Versatility: Because, some shredders will even tackle more than just the paper. Think of the necessity of the shredder that destroys the credit cards and CDs/DVDs, staples or clips.
  • Bin Capacity: Greater bin capacities result in emptying being done less often, which in turn decreases the time and pain during those shredding sessions.

Top Recommendations:

Based on these considerations, here are a few top recommendations for reliable Good paper shredders: Based on these considerations, here are a few top recommendations for reliable Good paper shredders:

  • Fellowes Powershred 60Cs: Comes equipped with a commercial cross-cut shredder with high-security shredding capability, and anti-jam technology.
  • Fellowes Powershred 90S: The machine carries out Strip-cut shredding using the latest technology, Capable of shredding for 25 minutes which is the longest of all, Shred 18 sheets of A4 paper every pass by creating 5.8mm strip.
  • GBC Shredmaster 31SX: Tears out the paper into 4 x 25 mm cross cut at 2 m/min.
    Shreds 14 pages of 70 gsm paper at a time or 16 pages of 80 gsm paper at one go.
  • GBC ShredMaster 35SX: Powerful in-feed shredder with continuous running and multi-purpose shredding.
  • HSM Securio B22 Cross-Cut Shredder: However, it will provide a good balance between performance and affordability, has a quiet operation, and efficient shredding.


Acquiring a high-end shredder of paper is the first and mandatory step to securing your sensitive data from the prying hands. Through identification of parameters like security level, capacity, efficiency and any optional features, you can zero in on the right shredder that fits your requirement set. With the right shredder next to you, you can shred with peace of mind, for you know all your confidential documents have been securely disposed.

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