office paper shredder machine manufacturers

Office Paper Shredder Machine Manufacturers in India

There is a number of diverse paper shredders available for business and homeowners to select from. The demand and purpose for the shredder will vary and there are plenty of machines out there to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to help the environment, destroy sensitive business information, or just safely and securely get rid of old credit cards, it is essential you take the proper time needed to pick the right shredder. Having the wrong shredder can waste your time, money, and in some cases improperly complete its job, allowing your sensitive and personal information to be out in the open. Before you make an official decision which shredder is best for you, you need to be educated on how a document shredder actually works.

office paper shredder machine manufacturers

There are three different types of shredders: Home for individuals, commercial for businesses, and industrial for document shredding companies. Standard Home Shredders – There are many benefits to having a shredding machine right in your home. These shredders typically cut documents into vertical strips. The problem with this is that any criminal wanting to get your personal information and use it for identity theft can put together the document again and access the data on it. Commercial Shredders – Commercial shredders have blades that cut both vertical and horizontal.  This makes it more difficult to put back together and read it again. However, commercial shredders have a low capacity so if you have hundreds of papers that need to be shredded, it will take quite some time.

Larger Commercial Shredders – There are commercial shredders that are larger than the other ones as well as more powerful and efficient.  These shredders have a higher capacity to handle large quantities of documents for your business. They use a ream feed or hopper bucket to shred the documents. Like the other type of commercial shredders, this type of shredder cuts documents both vertical and horizontal. The only problem with these types of shredders is that they are expensive and take up excess space. Industrial Shredders – Document shredding companies or businesses with highly vulnerable information use industrial shredders. This type of machine is highly efficient, fast, and effective. Industrial shredders can shred nearly 5000 pounds of paper hourly. The document shredders that document shredding companies use cut the paper into tiny bits of paper, making them unreadable and almost impossible to piece back together.  This is the most effective type of machine if you are worried about security breaches and identity theft. The government has strict rules about document shredding for companies, and this is the best way to follow them. The companies then properly recycle the thousands of pounds they’ve shredded to be reused again. When deciding which type of document shredder to purchase, think about your needs first. If you’re just looking to get rid of the extra paper lying around and recycle, a home shredder may be

enough.  If you have documents like bank statements, credit card applications, and others that contain private information, check the prices of your local document shredding companies. Investing the money now will save you time, extra money, and stress later if a crime does happen. Remember, different types of shredders accommodate different needs based on quantity and sensitivity of information. Evaluate what you need first and choose accordingly.

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