Paper Shredder Supplier in Mumbai

Paper Shredder Supplier in Mumbai

Shredders and Shredding Company is a paper shredder supplier in Mumbai with a wide range of shredders to choose from. We are stockist of the worlds best shredder brands and have machines in SMALL , MEDIUM as well AS HEAVY DUTY CATEGORY to cater to the corporate sector here in Mumbai

We have chosen the best, tried and tested machines, and stock only those for which we can provide services if required, The selected shredders are available with a variety of features such as silent operation, very small cut, anti jam features Etc.

A paper shredder is a well-known machine nowadays, Many offices who are working with huge amount of papers need to crush them or destroy them so that they are not misused. Because when you have to deal with papers materials, a huge amount of wastage come out of it and it became very tough to manage them all. Wastage demands a huge location, manpower, time and money.

A paper shredder can be different sizes with different capabilities. All most every industry keeps a paper shredder to manage their paper liabilities either it is corporate industry or govt industry or some others. For office purpose, the normal paper shredders are used that are small in size and can fit anywhere in office but today we are going to discuss another paper shredder which is famous as an industrial heavy duty paper shredder.

paper shredder machine suppliers in mumbai
Paper Shredder Supplier in Mumbai

Paper Shredder Supplier in Mumbai (SASCO We Distributor of All Brand Paper Shredder)

Generations of the paper shredder:

In late nineteen-century paper shredder was invented at New York City and until mid nineteen century, it was a rare device to use. This heavy duty paper shredder got famous after the law comes out about garbage management and destroy of paper causes pollution. From then demand and use of the paper, a shredder is acted very common and thus many companies’ starts to manufacture that machine.

Types of a paper shredder:

There are varieties of paper shredders are available in the present market based on their size, price, and designs. The price of a shredder depends on the scissors that are used in the machine. There is multiple layers of scissors can be manufactured in a paper shredder machines to cut the million of papers in an hour. Small sized paper shredders are a manually powered machine. On the other hand, there is huge sized heavy duty paper shredder also available.


Today there are very advanced technologies are involved in paper shredding machines. It takes care of safety by introducing sensor in the machine. More of it different machines are allow to lock systems so that there no unwanted use can be done by the machine. This machine is really helpful to clear paper burdens of every single industry like paper manufacturing, publishing houses, wrapping houses and much more. There is much guidance available about the industrial heavy duty paper shredder. So, take the facility of technologies and be an owner of wastage free premises. Consult now for the best model as per your need.

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