best heavy duty paper shredder

Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

Securing all the personal information must be the first priority for any business professionals. A lot of your sensitive data has been printed on paper, that’s of no use anymore. Are you looking for a shredder that can deliver good functionality and security to your small business or office? Have a look at the detailed review of SimplyShred PSC418D, the perfect solution for what you need.

Why you should buy this?

Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

This shredder can handle much more than just some sheets of paper. It’s possible to stack as many as 10 sheets at a time. It can even deal with the staples, so pulling them out before shredding is not required. The machine has individual shredding slots for credit cards, CD/DVDs and paper. Everything gets cut extremely find and its outcome looks similar to confetti than the typical shredded paper you usually get with most of the paper shredder machines. Its wheels are located near the base and can be locked. So they can’t roll if you don’t want them to.

Good looks and functionality

The black and matte metallic design gives a modernistic feel and goes well with just about any water scheme or room color. The band has got a clear section right in the center of the draw, which means you can easily figure out how full it is. Everything else operates on its own, once you turn on the power switch. There’s no need to hold a press any shredding buttons, like the machines by some other brands. Simply feeding anything you want shredded and this machine will sense it. After that, it will come out of the sleep mode and begin pulling the items inside for shredding.

Great efficiency

The waste bin has a lot of capacity. You won’t notice more than a thin layer of garbage at its bottom, even after shredding lots of sheets of paper along with various CDs. This unit can shred paper so finely, that it’s almost impossible to figure out what it was used for, let alone the information mentioned in it.

Who Would Buy This?

If you want a great looking shredder, has a small footprint and gets the job done perfectly – Simply Shred PSC310D is for you! Its size makes it suitable for a small business or a Home Office.

Is it Value for money?

This machine has all the features one would like to see in a shredder, and a lot more. Considering the amount of functionality, quality, and its compact size – it’s well worth the money it’s being currently sold for.

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