When it comes to heavy-duty shredding needs, a strip cut shredder is a reliable and efficient solution. These powerful machines are designed to handle large volumes of paper and other materials with ease, making them ideal for businesses that deal with sensitive information on a daily basis. We are the leading manufacturers of Paper Shredder In India, Top Quality Products With Low Price In market and Full Warranty.

S1 Shredmac strip cut shredder heavy duty
strip cut shredder heavy duty

S1 Shredmac strip cut shredder heavy duty

  • Hard Steel Cutters – 10 years warranty
  • Auto Stop when over heated
  • Metal body – Rust free powder coated
  • Wheels for easy movement in the office
  • Simple operation – Reverse forward switch
  • NON STOP USE – No cooling required

Cut Size – 6 mm – Not too small not too big
Sheet Capacity – 20 sheets- Full Bunch with pins Etc.
Shredding capacity – 210 sheets per min- Fast cutting
Shredder Opening – 300mm – Good for A3 size papers
Motor Capacity – 750 Watts (1HP)
Power supply – 220V/50Hz (Single Phase)
Dimensions – 510 x 480 x 920 mm (B x L x H)

S1 Shredmac Datasheet

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A strip cut shredder heavy duty is built to withstand continuous use and can shred through multiple sheets of paper at once, saving time and effort for busy work environments. With their robust cutting blades and durable construction, these shredders can handle tough materials like credit cards, CDs, and more without breaking a sweat.

Investing in a high-quality strip cut shredder heavy duty is not just about compliance with data protection regulations; it’s also about safeguarding your business reputation and protecting your customers’ privacy. With its superior performance and reliability, this type of shredder is an essential tool for any organization serious about security.

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