Paper destroyer for any medical office like a doctors clinic, pathological laboratory or a hospital should not only be able to take a bunch of stapled patient records but Xrays and other optical media too. In each case the paper shredder would be different. A doctors clinic will not generate too many papers and a small shredder would suffice for the doctors personal use or for shredding by his/her assistant, A pathological laboratory could have patient reports along with some important documents of doctors, a mid sized shredder a little bigger that the personal category would be enough. Now for hospitals the shredder will have to be minimum a mid sized to large heavy duty machines as these institutions generate patient records which are absolutely necessary to shred before disposal, we have also a special machines for hospitals including bio medical waste shredders.

  • DOCTORS -please choose a shredder from our small shredders range if you want to be safe whilst disposing of personal papers. One machine which is a favorite is suggested here for doctors – Noiseless shredding just what you would want!

Feed Width (mm) 220
Shred Size (mm)
Shred Capacity (70gsm)
Voltage / Power / Motor 90watts/220volts
Speed (m/minute)
Waste Volume (Liters)
Weight (Kg)
Machine Dimensions (HxWxD)(mm) 413x364x246
Application Papers with clips
Duty Cycle 3 mins on/30off
Max Shredding Load 150 sheets/day


PATHOLOGICAL LABORATORIES -our range of medium shredders best suits these offices, you can browse and choose an appropriate model from any of the machines on that page. A good quality paper shredder from Intimus (Germany) is very efficient for pathological clinics it can also shred optical media.

Cutting size paper 4 X 38 mm
Shredding capacity 70 g/m² 15 sheets
Cutting speed 70 g/m² 0.05 mtrs/second
Cutting speed 70 g/m² 182 sheets/min
Working width 240
Catchbasket volume 32 ltrs
Catchbasket volume 416 sheets
Power consumption 0.39 kWs
Supply voltage 230 volts
Noise level 55 db(A)
Weight gross 19
Warranty on machine 2
Warranty on cutters 20
Width 39
Depth 36
Height 60

HOSPITALS – we suggest you buy a shredder for regular office papers and use our onsite shredding service for getting rid of unwanted patient records which would require professional shredding service because of large volumes of papers for disposal.

we recommend a made in India shredder for the office-


Specifications –
Security Level – 2
Cut Size – 6mm
Cutting Capacity – 20 sheets (70gsm) + CD
Throat – 242mm
Power supply – 230W/50Hz
Voltage – 240Vlts
Dimensions (HXWXD) – 648X368X283
Paper destroyer Weight – 27 kgs.
Bin capacity – 29 ltrs


Introducing the Paper Destroyer,

The ultimate solution for eliminating your paper clutter with ease and efficiency. Say goodbye to stacks of documents taking up valuable space in your home, clinic, lab, or office, and embrace the power of this innovative device.

Designed to make your life easier, the Paper Destroyer offers a seamless and convenient way to dispose of sensitive information. Whether you have old bills, confidential files, or outdated documents, this powerful machine ensures they are destroyed beyond recognition.

Equipped with advanced cutting technology, the Paper Destroyer shreds paper into tiny, unreadable pieces, leaving no trace of the original document. You can have peace of mind knowing that your sensitive information is safe from prying eyes and potential identity theft.

Not only does the Paper Destroyer provide security, but it also promotes eco-friendly practices. By shredding your paper waste, you are contributing to a more sustainable environment by reducing the amount of paper that ends up in landfills.

With its compact and sleek design, the Paper Destroyer fits seamlessly into any home or office space. It operates quietly, so you can get rid of your paper clutter without disturbing your work environment or household.

The Paper Destroyer is easy to use, with simple controls and a large capacity bin that minimizes the need for frequent emptying. It also has a safety feature that automatically stops the shredding process if the bin is full or if the machine becomes overheated.

Invest in the Paper Destroyer today and experience the satisfaction of decluttering your space while protecting your privacy. Don’t let paper overwhelm your life any longer. Let the Paper Destroyer take care of it for you.

Paper destroyer

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