Looking for a reliable medium-sized paper shredder to meet your document disposal needs? Our range of medium shredders offers the perfect balance of performance and convenience. With their robust motors and cross-cutting blades, they efficiently shred through paper, credit cards, CDs, and DVDs, ensuring the security of your sensitive information. These shredders are ideal for small to medium-sized offices, providing a combination of power and versatility. Invest in a medium shredder today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your confidential documents are securely disposed of.

Medium Shredders

Office paper shredder Medium Shredders
Medium Shredders

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Much more durable paper shredders than the smaller ones because of bigger motor and cutters, these machines are designed for use at the deskside – ideal for the small offices and home offices of up to 10 users who need to dispose of sensitive business documentation frequently. This category is also frequently referred to as the deskside range including micro-cut & cross-cut shredders to meet your confidential shredding needs. Ask for more information on how to protect yourself against identity theft and help to find the best shredder for you. Contact us and we shall be glad to suggest a safe solution.

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