The intimus PacMaster Cardboard Shredder is a remarkable solution for recycling cardboard packaging. We are Distributor of cardboard shredder machine,

A Intimus Pacmaster cardboard shredder for turning waste cardboard into durable protective packaging material. The unique shredder head partially cuts or perforates waste cardboard thereby turning it into a stretchable netting that can be used to wrap fragile items or line shipping boxes to protect contents from damage.

Intimus Pacmaster Cardboard Shredder

Intimus Pacmaster Cardboard Shredder

  • Make free packing material from waste cardboard
  • Open feed slot accepts cardboard of any width
  • Ruler guide facilitates creation of packaging to specific width
  • Rugged, durable steel construction
  • Separate master power switch and forward/reverse switch
  • Mounted on rollers for easy relocation
  • Minimize waste hauling by reusing old shipping boxes
  • Demonstrate environmental stewardship by reducing landfill waste
ModelPacMaster S
Shredding Capacity175 – 250 ft/hr
Cardboard2-3 layers
Shredding Speed35.5 feet/minute
Nominal Dimensions (in)27 x 19 x 37
Weight388 lbs.

Video Of Intimus Cardboard Shredder

PacMaster cardboard recycling shredders can handle 1 – 3 layers of cardboard per pass (depending on thickness) creating large volumes of packing material quickly and easily. The feed opening is 16.75 inches wide, but because it is open on one side larger sheets can be fed without the need for cutting them to size.

The PacMaster S is ideal for facilities that frequently receive and ship parcels because it eliminates the need to buy costly packing material. In addition to the significant cost savings, the PacMaster S reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

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