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SMBZ paper shredder INDIA are paper shredders made for Indian conditions, they are durable and simple to operate machines made for use by office/factory workers, rough and tough, yet silent and loaded with latest features, these shredders are high quality, innovative shredding and document destruction equipment’s made since 2005. We are a fully capable design and manufacturing facility, situated in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India.

With a range of models from office use to industrial capacities with shredding of 50 to 500 sheets / pass we offer the widest range of paper shredders manufactured in India complete with feeding and discharge systems and bailing solutions.

We believe optimum productivity and value for money is what our customers should get, for this we use the finest materials and components from the world’s best manufacturers, uncompromising quality has yielded a unshakable reputation of solidly built and extremely durable SMBZ shredding machines with the label – ‘Made in India’.

Over the years we have come across varied customer requirements, to provide a solution for each of these situations has been exciting, rather such unique requirements are what we are always looking for! Special machine customization challenges our capabilities, making manufacturing tasks more of a learning experience than just routine chores.

Whatever your requirement, we look forward to your contact and 
we will have a machine that’s right for you guaranteed!

For Offices For Factories For Businesses
Does your office generate loads of unwanted papers? Do you have production scrap with your company name on it? Do you own a waste paper recycling business?
Do you have old records for shredding every year? Do you have a large office at the factory? Do your clients ask for their documents to be shredded?
Is it difficult for you to get shredding services in your locality? Are you following disposal norms for scrap waste set by the authorities? Do you think shredding will increase your waste paper collection?
Isn’t it safer to shred the documents in house? Do you want to avoid misuse of packaging materials? Don’t you think if you have a shredding machine your business will increase?
Would you like to recycle and do your bit for the environment? Do you want to use wasted cardboard for packaging? Do you want to supply packing papers to fruit exporters?

You can shred in our machines –

A3/A4/A5 papers with clips Packaging materials, Cartons Waste papers,
Computer printouts Xrays (hospitals) Tons of old office records,
Cardboard files with clips Aluminium foils, blisters (pharma) Newspapers, (fruit packing)
CD’s,Floppy Disks,Credit Cards Tetra packs, (liquids) Corrugated kraft cartons, Duplex boxes
Ledgers,Cheques,Vouchers, BOPP, laminated films (food) Colour records, mix waste Etc.
Manuals, Magazines Plastic sheets Etc.  
Annual Reports Duplex board (printing press)  
Laminated papers Etc. Labels (gummed paper)  
Spiral bound books    

List of heavy duty paper shredders

ModelCut Type
Throat Size (mm)Sheet Capacity
(70 gsm)
Shred Size
Bin Capacity
Motor Power
SMBZ 17iStrip24217-183.827350P
SMBZ 12iStrip24212-131.927350P
SMBZ 6iCross24261.9x1527350p
SMBZ 20iStrip242215.827350p/c
SMBZ 25iStrip395255.895375p/c
SMBZ 40iStrip405403.81651500p/c
SMBZ HiStrip4056081571500p/c
SMBZ 10aStrip23010-123.820150p
SMBZ 28aStrip30028-305.850400p/c
SMBZ 20aCross30020-223x2850400p
SMBZ 33aCross30033-354x3090750p/c
SMBZ 25aStrip400256100750p/c
SMBZ 35aStrip3053581101100p/c
SMBZ 95aStrip42090-10061802200p/c
SMBZ 70aCross42070-756x501802200p/c
SMBZ 120aStrip420120-12562753750p/c
SMBZ 90aCross42090-956x502753750p/c
SMBZ H120aStrip460120-12562753750p/c/crumpled papers
SMBZ H90aCross46090-1006x502753750p/c/crumpled papers
SMBZ 2.1Strip430355variable1500p/c
SMBZ 2.1CCross430255X62variable1500p/c
SMBZ 3.2Strip510405variable3750p/c
SMBZ 3.2CCross510305X62variable3750p/c
SMBZ 5.2Strip430402.5variable1500p/c
SMBZ 9.2Strip610120 10variable5500p/c/f
SMBZ 9.2CCross550100 5X62variable5500p/c/f
Industrial Paper Shredding Machine DEMO video

similar sounding names they are not associated with us in any manner, pl remember us as SASCO.

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