When you have hard drives that need to be replaced but is stored with very important data, the best and safest way to permanently delete it is by degaussing.
A hard drive degausser INDIA is a simple table top electrical device that can be used within the office environment.
When degaussing, the storage media are flooded with a very strong magnetic field that far exceeds their own magnetic force, the coercivity of the hard disk.
The short and strong pulse erases the data on the hard disk irrevocably.

Degaussing is characterized above all by the simple operation and minimal space requirements, The PRODEVICE hard drive degausser not only looks elegant but it always ready to destroy all data on your hard drives.

  • Space-saving table-top design
  • Safe and quiet operation
  • Latest Pulse Technology
  • Convenient front Drawer Feeding system
  • On screen status Information Display
  • Completely insulated, no magnetic influence on any nearby devices.

Hard drive degausser

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