Commercial Paper Shredder Machine

A commercial paper shredder machine is a device that can shred large volumes of paper, as well as other materials such as CDs, DVDs, credit cards, or hard drives, for security or recycling purposes. Commercial paper shredder machines are usually used by businesses, organizations, or institutions that need to dispose of sensitive or confidential documents on a regular basis.

Some of the features that you may want to look for in a commercial paper shredder machine are:

Shredding capacity: This is the number of sheets of paper or other materials that the machine can shred at a time. A higher shredding capacity means faster and more efficient shredding, but it may also affect the price and size of the machine.

Shredding speed: This is the rate at which the machine can shred the paper or other materials, usually measured in meters per minute or feet per minute. A higher shredding speed means less time spent on shredding, but it may also increase the noise and power consumption of the machine.

Shredding type: This is the shape and size of the shredded pieces, which determine the level of security and the ease of disposal. There are different types of shredding, such as strip-cut, cross-cut, micro-cut, or particle-cut, depending on the number and direction of the cutting blades. A higher level of shredding type means smaller and more unreadable pieces, but it may also reduce the shredding capacity and speed of the machine.

Bin size: This is the volume of the waste bin that collects the shredded paper or other materials. A larger bin size means less frequent emptying, but it may also take up more space and be heavier to lift.

Run time: This is the duration that the machine can operate continuously before it needs to cool down or rest. A longer run time means more shredding without interruption, but it may also increase the risk of overheating or jamming.

Safety features: These are the mechanisms that prevent or minimize the potential hazards of using the machine, such as auto-reverse, auto-stop, overload protection, thermal protection, or anti-jam technology. These features can enhance the performance and durability of the machine, as well as protect the user and the environment.

Dahle 40430 Commercial Paper Shredder Machine For Office

Commercial Paper Shredder Machine
  • Automatic EvenFlow Lubricator® provides continuous oil across the cutting cylinders to maintain peak performance
  • Precision milled cutting cylinders offer strength and reliability
  • SmartPower Energy Management reduces power consumption and saves on electrical costs
  • Automatic jam protection reverses the motor in the event of an overfeed
  • German engineered machine offering trouble-free operation and peace of mind
  • Automatic On / Off and Bin Full Auto Off Convenience
  • Chain-driven motor for slip-free performance
  • Lockable rolling casters for easy placement

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