Paper Strip Cutting Machine

A paper strip cutting machine is a device that can cut paper into thin strips, usually for recycling, packing, or crafting purposes. Some paper strip cutting machines can also cut other materials, such as fabric, plastic, or metal.

Some of the features of Paper strip cutting machine are:

  • Cutting width: This is the range of widths that the machine can cut the paper into Small sizes. A wider cutting width means more versatility and flexibility, but it may also affect the price and size of the machine.
  • Cutting speed: This is the rate at which the machine can cut the paper, usually measured in meters per minute or feet per minute. A higher Quality cutting speed means faster and more efficient cutting, but it may also increase the noise and power consumption of the machine.
  • Cutting capacity: This is the number of sheets of paper or other materials that the machine can cut at a time. A higher cutting capacity means less frequent feeding of paper Strip Cutting Machine.
  • Bin size: This is the volume of the waste bin that collects the cut paper. A larger bin size holds more shredder material, but it may also take up more space and be heavier to lift.
  • Safety features: These are the mechanisms that prevent or minimize the potential hazards of using the machine, such as auto-stop, overload protection, thermal protection, or anti-jam technology. These features can enhance the performance and durability of the machine, as well as protect the user and the environment.

Fellowes Powershred 90S Strip-Cut Paper Shredder

paper strip cutting machine
  • Ideal for 3-5 users in professional environments
  • Extended run time of 25 minutes for high-volume shredding
  • Shreds 18 sheets of A4 paper per pass into 5.8mm strips (Security Level P-2)
  • SilentShred® Technology minimizes disruption in shared workspaces This paper destroyer machine
  • Shreds credit cards, staples, paperclips and CD
  • This paper strip cutting machine 34L pull-out bin for easy emptying

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