A low cost filling machine for industrial goods packaging

Industrial goods packaging needs strong but low cost material, Heavy and expensive industrial components require special packaging, The cost has also to be low as these items move between b2b circles and are not used directly by consumers like other electrical or household items. Thus they don’t need to look… Continue reading

Other packaging machine – innovative and low cost

Are looking to bring down packaging cost? Well we have a machine that can reduce packaging cost by a staggering 35%  This cardboard perforator machine can turn old boxes into soft mats that can be used as fillers. You can avoid use of plastics and save with this innovative in-house… Continue reading

Paper Shredder heavy duty use and very durable make

There are some shredders that can run for a few minutes whereas the SMBZ range of paper Shredder is made for heavy-duty use for shredding a lot of documents non stop for daily commercial shredding. They don’t require any cooling! very much like a productive manager like yourself, Often we… Continue reading