Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.
Peter Drucker

Why Us, We understand that the customer is least There are lots of things that we can say about ourselvesis is exactly what we try to do As leaders in this trade we are always shy to brag about ourselves in a manner intended to create a false impression but 1 thing said about us suffices 100 blah blah blah of our competitors….

What we do today … other copy tomorrow. (well we take it as a compliment)

our name and some products – copied in India – www.shreddersnshredders.com !

our name and shredding services – gosh its been copied abroad also – www.shredders-shredding.co.uk

this is your chance to win a free personal shredder, just answer any of these questions. (no seriously just try and email us your answers and we’ll send it to you for free)

1) We are the only multi brand company to specialize in just selling shredders and nothing else, can you find anybody with our kind of single product specialization in India?

2) We have our own shredding facility in which tonnes and tonnes of old records can be shredded in complete secrecy, does anybody have such infrastructure of their own?

3) We have a dedicated workshop for shredder repairs and maintenance, does anybody have such a facility with equipments and trained personnel for after sales services?

4) We stock hundreds of multi brand shredders, how many companies do you know who stock a minimum 100 shredders in India?

No wonder we call ourselves Shredders and Shredding Company. Others can just copy – our name, our products, our services but its impossible to compete with us on ideas, innovations and intellect.

For us ALL OUR CUSTOMERS ARE UNIQUE each requiring a different shredding solution, they trust us and expect us to fulfill commitments, it is then our job to assess the requirement and give the best economical and long lasting solution, this trust is more than anything that can ever be earned in business.

We never, never ever lie for monetary profit by selling something that the customer does not require!

We have started Shredders and Shredding Company since 1998. Over the years we had occasion to reflect on many issues surrounding these technologies. Do you have perplexities, or just for some advice feel free to call or send an email and we shall be glad to talk to you because business is not only about making money ! (all those who think otherwise, pl do not take the trouble)

Well thanks for taking the time to read this page, now perhaps you will know how we work, hoping to hear from you to start a new creditable connection.

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