Types of paper shredders

There are several types of paper shredders that provide varying levels of protection and functionality. The primary types are:

Strip-cut shredders shred documents into long, thin strips that are generally around 1/4 inch wide. They are ideal for non-sensitive papers and have a large shredding capacity. However, they provide the least level of protection, because torn strips may still be read.

Cross-cut shredders shred documents into small, confetti-like fragments, which are often rectangular or diamond-shaped. They offer a better level of protection than strip-cut shredders and are commonly used for sensitive papers. They have a lesser shredding capacity than strip-cut shredders and require more regular maintenance.

Micro-cut shredders reduce papers to small, dust-like particles, making them very hard to reassemble. They offer the highest level of security and are ideal for highly sensitive or classified information. They have the lowest shredding capacity and the highest maintenance requirements.

You can also find other types of Paper shredders that have additional features, such as auto-feed, continuous duty, CD/DVD shredding, wastebasket, and manual operation. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose the best shredder for you. Here is a helpful guide that compares different types of paper shredders.

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Types of paper shredders

Office Paper Shredder

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Industrial Paper Shredder

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Industrial Shredder Machine

Industrial Shredder Machines are known for their rugged and tough make that can withstand rough use, they can shred, wood, rubber, metals, glass, papers, cardboard, well just about anything, these machines are capable for non stop use day in and day out.

Hard Drive Shredder

There is absolutely no doubt that hard drives have to be shredded as they contain massive amounts of confidential data, The 100% safest and sureest way to destroy all data on hard drives is by breaking it into 100s of pieces, Our


Cardboard boxes are abundant in any manufacturing company or distribution centre, so it makes economical as well as ecological sense to reuse them, and the most suitable way to do so is for packing, our cardboard shredder turns old used cardboards into flexible mats that can be used as filler instead of thermocol, styrofoam and other plastics Etc.

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